Debojit (Student CA Final) (308 Points)

20 May 2010  


Everyone knows the position of CA Students these days. The course has become so uncertain that it is spoiling the careers of students. But just spare a thought for those PE-II students who are still giving their exams & are being treated with a pass percentage of 1%. The position of PE-II pass-outs is also no different. The Course for people like me (PE-II passout) has become very lengthy in comparison to PCC Students. It seems to be taking an eternity. It seems that PE-II students are the labour class in this course. Even PCC/IPCC students would agree that PE-II students are being treated badly by the Institute. To bring our problems to the notice of the Institute, I would request all students to forward the following letter to the Institute's E-Mail ID - <bosnoida @>. The Support of PCC and IPCC Students would be highly appreciated. Here's the Letter:

Respected Sir/Madam,

SUB: Problems regarding Eligibility of PE-II Students to write\attempt CA Final Exams

Through this letter, I would like to bring to your notice the hardships faced by PE-II Students. Unlike a PCC Student where First Eligible CA Final Attempt remains unchanged provided such student passes his PCC exam with a maximum of four attempts, A PE-II Student's eligibility to give his/her First CA final attempt keeps extending by 6 months on every failure in PE-II Exams.  

Unfortunately, I have been one of the targets of the above problem & am facing such consequences. I daily come across PCC students who are younger than me & have taken more attempts than me in PCC/PE-II, but still they are giving their Final exam One year before me.

I Kindly request the Board of Studies to be Just and Fair to all the students. The Institute should either reduce the Articleship period for PE-II Students or Amend the eligibility requirement related to completion of articles for attempting CA Final exam For PE-II Students.

Present Eligibility Requirement: He /She is Eligible to appear in the Final examination Pending 12 months of articleship.

Proposed Eligibility Requirement:

--> Either Reduce the Articleship Period of PE-II Students from 3 years to 2.5 years.


--> Make PE-II Students Eligible to appear in atleast One Group of CA Final Examination pending 18 months of articleship.

This matter is very serious and is causing various inequalities amongst CA Students. I kindly request the Board of Studies to look into this matter quickly, be just and fair to all categories of students & bring about necessary changes in the rules regarding CA PE-II pass-outs.

Looking Forward to a Positive & Quick Decision from your side and expecting approval of this impartial change in the Course.

Best Regards,