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  Member Since : 09 April 2008  (Mumbai)

No need to know you if I ain't been known you, so don't try to get to know me now. Friends come and go and all the ones I need are in touch. Thanks, but no thanks. If you give me no clue about why you’re friending me and your info page indicates you’re a single male who’s looking for women, I probably won’t be clicking your button. I’m happily committed and not interested in that type of socializing. The bottom line: if you really want to be my friend, unless you’re a relative or “real world” friend or someone I correspond with on a regular basis or someone who’s so famous I’m sure to know who you are, send me a little note and tell me about yourself and why you picked me to be your friend. Or at least make it easy for me to find out about you on your Facebook page or personal web site. Because if you’re like 95% of the people I “meet” online – wonderful, friendly, positive, intelligent folks – I don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to be your friend.




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