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CA Final most difficult;Not best in salary wise..

shinoj (ab) (1201 Points)

24 July 2010  

CA course seen debacle pass % since june 2009 results..n now may 2010 ca final results..about 3% students taking the final test failed the exam..one of the senior partner with KPMG says" the old times debacle pass % is back now but course wise CA is same only ,no improvement in course,no classroom interaction,no focus on communication..no wonder even tier3 b-schools r much ahead of CA passed out."...

Forget IIMs even MBA not in top 20 places r much ahead of CA average salary...still not even 50% palced in campus....ICAI lacks vision,

but can only ahead in printing RTPs/suggeated answers.......it can train students in wealth management,investment banking etc......remember very less go to practice industry needs front line managers to join industry...even rank 1 sanchi agrawal says exam not is the ultimate but other things like presentation skills,soft skills take u to higher level......ICAI only watch dog....students getting no help;it merely get PASS/FAIL result n ORDER-no transfer even if u don't like ur CA:)..........u  will appreciate merely priting RTPs/suggeated answers can not raise students level/skills......u need to pick LIMITED students at the beginning n make them available classroom interactions rather blaming coaching institues.......why pass % 30+ in 2006 n now just 3% in 2010....why ca inter/pe 2 passed out r failing in ca final?ICAI now becomes CASH COW to take very large students through CPT N clear just afew in final.....even ICAI is working without any vision/goals.....i'm not saying pass % must be higher but pass % is not the solution...................ICAI take  some help from IIMs or govenment should scrap ICAI......

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CA SURENDRA KUMAR RAKHECHA (Practising CA at Surat) (26248 Points)
Replied 25 July 2010

I agree with your views except that previously many of us who joined CA course and qualified; had to depend only on modules.


Previously very few books were available which were at par of CA curriculum.


Revision test papers used to reach in the hands of students almost at very last moments and practically it was not of any use from exam points of view.


I am of opinion; if something is supplied to you at the last moment then definitely it should be useful. At one side the Institute expects from the students that they should update the knowledge and at second time when they used to update it was not of use at all. 


This is due to one fact only that Institute paper setting strategy is unique only. What you expect will hardly come and what you expect of no use; it is asked in the exams. 


It is really very unfortunate for the profession that those who join CA wish a job. The CA curriculum was never designed to have a job. Generally speaking; whenever you use the word "CA" it means a practising chartered accountant.


That's why the Institute requires a thorough knowledge of all the subjects covered in its syllabus. 

shinoj (ab) (1201 Points)
Replied 25 July 2010

@ surendra

but very less go to practice coz BIG 4 monopoly...industry offers better avenues..........i guess ICAI need total change...it needs to train even students in wealth management,investment banking n other fields rather just auditing/tax........firstly CAT like exam should come where ICAI should take fixed no. of students as happen in MBA/engineering......when demand is limited for CAs even in industry then why ICAI take large students through CPT mode?ICAI becomes CASH COW to earn money has no proper vision,strategy like IIMs....No wonder not only IIMs even MBA institutes who r not in top 20 giving its students btter placements options.........CA exam is tough no doubt but what about presentation skills etc.......and above all uncertainty to clear ca final......ca 2006 may n nov see 30+% pass ...n now mere 3%......ICAI playing with career of students.........

jose.p (CA in service) (1676 Points)
Replied 25 July 2010

CA course is like a 5 day test.More difficult and results are not sure. Even after following 5 days of cricket; u might behold a dull draw.------------Internal fighting within office bearers (not only CCM) and lack of foresight has led to insufficient marketing of fresh CAs. I hope surendra sir agrees with this point. One article in times of india of gujarat had even told that icai officers forgot to call Reliance and major recruiters in january 2010 placement.This article had been posted in cci by someone(name,i forgot).

jose.p (CA in service) (1676 Points)
Replied 25 July 2010


sudarshan (CA) (745 Points)
Replied 26 July 2010

CA practice offers little scope for new comers to join practice. No proper guidance and advice for setting up practice. You need to depend on your article firm to help you out. But they dont like the newly qualified to set up practice. Industry offers more salary at start. Pass percentage is low due  to all questions are made compulsory,  more practical questions in auditing, tax and lengthy questions in costing. Time management and speed is essential and no longer direct questions as was asked 10 years before. Of all criticism , not conducting more stringent entrance exam to qualify is real one.

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kiran sharma (Article assistant) (37 Points)
Replied 26 July 2010

what should i say pity on us the final students even after working so hard MBAs are better off than us. Even after being so knowledgeble an MBA commands a team of CAs. Lets say that if hardwork was valued than donkeys will be at top thats wat we final student do "DONKEY WORK" without any return. Screw the Institute.

seeker (JUNIOR OFFICER) (227 Points)
Replied 26 July 2010

I wish the current lot of Final Students who are crying at the top Wil not turn into skin of a wolf when they will become CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT


This is the major ill of your profession. Oppressed become oppressor in his own turn, ragged student even does more ragging in his turn and daugher in law becomes more dreaded mother in law

This is law of nature, You CA as syndicate Control the supply of new CA in Market whereas in other professions it is in the hand of Government.


CA Mukesh Jain S (Chartered Accountant in Practice)   (687 Points)
Replied 11 June 2011

I agree with Shinoj & CA Surendra Kumar Rakecha

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