Attention students !!!


Dear students, I am a CA Final student. It has been my keen observation since last 4 years that today some of (or most of) CAs are abusing their positions to harass and exploit students by the following well designed mental torture methods:

1. Subjecting students to do the personal works beyond a limit and making them servants.

2. Non payment / irregular payment of stipends.

3. Forcing them to work beyond normal working hours.

4. Exercising coercion and threatening them to terminate articleship.

5. Extending their articleship illegally. etc. etc. and much more.

India is a democratic country and as we all know and whether you like my words orr not, there is no one today to raise voice against this exploitation in the name of studies. Students cannot take any action against their principals as it is but natural that if he/she takes any action against his principal, his/her relation with the principal will get highely strained which will ultimately be harmful to the student and as a result of which there are many students in many corners of our country are getting exploited by our honorable members and I have come across cases where the exploitation crosses its limits.

I am strictly against the word "Exploitation". Without writing much about me, I would directly like to write my point which is as under:

If you are suffering from any of the below given mental torture methods by any of the CA in India, then you can contact me right here on CAclubindia. I will give my best in advising you the right course of action considering the case, I will file complaints to the descipline department of ICAI under various clauses and regulations of CA Act for you with/without disclosing your name if you so desire, I will assist you in moving to the high courts against your boss and flow my own money for the litigations against members considering the seriousness of the case:

1. If there are dummy articles in your office and you are kept as regular, you can inform me. I assure you that strict actions will be taken in this case by ICAI.

2. Non payment / irregular payment of stipend.

3. Exploitation, Harassment, etc. of any kind.

4. Force to work beyond normal working hours.

5. Illegal extension of articleship.

6. Sexual harassment ( I am shamful that I have to write this word here for the called professional CAs in my country)

7. Any other method which is directly/indirectly resulting in violation of CA Act and regulations made thereunder.