After Graduation, is Passing CPT is Justified??

Rahul Gupta (Project Controller ACA MBA(Fin.))   (8014 Points)

26 May 2010  

Dear All Friends and respected Members,

I have one question from all the Professional Members and Candidates regarding the CA CPT Exams.


For entry in CA Course, we are required to Clear CPT exam. Even, after passing graduation, we still required to pass the CPT in order to pursue CA. Do you think it is worthy and not harsh on the part of the ICAI for the graduates.

In short do you favor that CPT should be exempted for a person joining CA Course after graduation??


Please, let me know your views about this. I don’t know whether we had such discussion in the past or not, if you are ware of any such discussion, then please post the link here so that many of us came to know the view of others.