11 attempt but fail whether i quit or not ?

Sanjay@CCI (CA Job) (81 Points)

21 January 2013  

Hi friends,

At first,Congratulation to all you have passed their Exam this time.


I am a poor bengali boy from Kolkata whose father was a driver (now he has retired). We do not have much saving. Now I was working for a limited Co. Though I cleared my first group in first attempt (in November, 2007) I can not cleared my 2nd group till now. My group total for this term is 183.

I just lost my all hope (though I am a positive man in nature ). I really do not know what to do? After giving 11 attempt I just lost my way.

CA is dream . I can do everthing for CA. Last year my girl friend was levae me after a relation of 5 years (as she become CA get job in a big Government Co.)

Just I need your suggestion whether I continue CA or not?


Please suggest friends what to do