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About me

Freelancer And advisors having More than Twenty years In field of Finance, audit, Tax and HR Compliance , Worked in Various. Position, Personnel Officer Finance Manager and Senior Finance Manager  also adviser for Direct , Indirect Taxes and HR Compliance. At Karle group, Panacea Hospital -Nagarabhavi, Bangalore Baptist Hospital -Hebbal                      

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 Facebook: kaviraja addangadi


MY GROUP :HR Master- Peer-Law - Yahoo Groups


    What kinds of questions I can and can't answer?
    I am having 16 years Experience in Accounts , Audit & Taxation based on my knowledge I can share my Opinion

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    My experience in the area (years):
    20 years of experience

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    no publication appeared

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  • HARI PRASAD says : income tax
    sir, this is regarding filing of FORM 10 AND 9A of charitable this connection i would like to know when and what situations are these forms can be submitted kindly guide me in this regard.

  • Ashish says : GST on GTA
    Hello Sir, My client is under GTA category. In current yr he purchased trucks on which he paid 4 cr gst. Now he wants claim the setoff of ITC by going into forward charge from RCM. My que is: 1. can my client go into forward charge?? 2. can he claim ITC without going into forward charge?? Please sir kindly do reply

  • Aditya Patil says : Advanced accounting
    In study material 3 of advanced accounting pg no. 7.18 for calculating unrealised profit they have taken increase in stock i.e. opening less closing, however in other remaining sums the cost element is calculated on closing stock. Why this is so ?? Kindly help ! Thank you !

  • Priyanka says : CA final second Group or both?
    hello sir, as you know only 2 months left for exams, i need some guidance. My status is - in first group i have done only FR and 30% SFM and second group i have completed 3 months back, but i need to revise it again. So sir according to u , i should give only 2nd group or both?

  • RAJA P M says : INCOME TAX
    Accounts & Tax Consultant My firm names are P M RAJA AND CO* *Can I use Rubber Stamp in My Firms name? *Can I file others asseessee IT Returns? *How to file my IT returns like a Accounting & Tax Consultant? *Which Category choose for nature of Business (601, 607, 703)? *How to prepare BS and PandL for Consultants and Which expenses are allowed as a consulting works? *If we can prepare BS to Consultant...? If yes, Which balances (Ledgers) are allowed in our balance sheet?

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