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Karneeti Part 103
Your Income Tax Account Online so difficulties Offline

Arjuna (Fictional Character): Krishna, nowadays income tax department is sending email named Online Taxpayer Service to all taxpayer, what is it?   

Krishna (Fictional Character): Arjuna, all are living in “Information Technology age”, it has become part of everyone’s life, people can live without water for hours but it seems to be difficult to live without Whats app, Facebook etc. Therefore income tax department started providing online service to its taxpayers. This facility helps taxpayer to view income related all the information, details and facility of online compliance. Taxpayer can use this from any corner of the world from mobile or laptop. To encourage people to make use of this facility income tax department is sending emails to taxpayers.

 Arjuna: Krishna, how can taxpayer view this account? Also what all information can be seen in this account?

Krishna: Arjuna, taxpayer needs to login on income tax department’s website i.e. and then he will be able to view any required information and other online services. The important services provided can be enumerated as:-

1. History of e-filed returns-  By this facility One can view the details of return filed from year 2007-08 along with Acknowledgment number and Status thereof i.e. whether the return has been processed or uploaded, and the date of its uploading, etc.

2. Status of Income Tax Demand and Refund:  In this, after the return has been processed the details of a) Refund given b) Refund not given c) Demand determined d) No Demand /Refund will be shown. Also the reason for refund claimed but not given will be provided.

3. Details of Outstanding Demand: In this if taxpayer has not paid the outstanding demand then details of the same is seen. Further if demand is not acceptable then taxpayer can give online reply to the same.  

4. View Form 26 AS: It is  one of the most important form. Every taxpayer before filing his return should check this form.  From this form one can get details regarding TDS deducted, TCS, Advance Tax, Self Assessment Tax paid etc.

5. Request for Reissue of Order: The Income Tax Department processes the returns filed and thereafter issues an order. Taxpayer can request for re-issuing the order. The Order contains information about returns filed and amount as calculated by the Income Tax Department.

6. Request for Refund: If the taxpayer has not received refund given by the Income Tax Department due to any reason, using this facility he can request for refund.

7. Rectification: If the taxpayer wants to rectify the return processed by the Income Tax Department then he can make online rectification. But it is to be noted that rectification can be made only for specific reasons.

8. Submit Grievances: Taxpayer can register his grievances relating to return processing, rectification, refund etc.

9. FAQ: Using this facility, anyone can get answers to his questions relating to filing of return and all of the above mentioned facilities in detail.

10. For any queries relating to Online Tax Payer Service, one may contact Toll free number - 1800-4250-0025 for E-filing related questions and 1800-425-2229 for CPC related questions.

Arjuna: Krishna, how taxpayers should use this Facility?

Krishna: Every taxpayer should check his account with Income tax department. In this account he should check his previous and current year’s status, and thereafter take appropriate decision. Also one should note that the income tax department’s website is updated continuously, therefore one should recheck status on timely basis. Similarly tax payer should ensure that their E-mail id and phone number registered with the department is correct and if not, they should get it corrected as the department contacts the taxpayer using the details provided to them.

Arjuna: Krishna, What one should learn from this?

Krishna: Arjuna, Income tax department has given many services in this online account for taxpayers. Taxpayer should use them. Due to this taxpayer will not have to go to the department again and again. For communication with the taxpayer income tax department has started this facility. Generally all taxpayers take help of tax consultant for filing returns and further issues. However, now taxpayer can do all this on his own through this online account.


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CA Umesh Sharma
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