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Hello all, This is Ankita nope it's CA Ankita Sankhala

Okay m writing for first time don't know what to write but just thought to share my journey with you all.

CA, Seems really nice. It's been 2 weeks now but am still at seventh heaven. The best feeling in the world when your hard works paysoff and you see Ur parents smiling and the reason behind the smile is you. And of course for me "Mujhe meri kick milgai"


Beginning with I chose CA because when i was in junior college everyone was like commerce liya toh there is only course and that is CA so chalo lets do that and i filled the form and we all had one mindset and that is if you clear CPT; continue if not then leave it here.

But fortunately i cleared cpt and then something came like you can say your inner voice " yaar ab toh CA banana hai". So started with my IPCC classes and yes i cracked it in first attempt. Was so happy and now I want to be a Chartered Accountant that dedication was all that roaming in my mind.

Then 3 years of articleship new experiences new beginnings lovely journey.

And then came my first attempt and I was like I cleared CPT IPCC then I will easily clear final also.

But shockingly I failed and I was totally shattered at that moment don't know what happened but it happened. 

When I failed okay I mean when I didn't clear (never call yourself as failure) at my first attempt I was little depressed since it was the first time for me than everyone around me was like common you failed for the first time so let it give your best now. and I gave my second attempt and yaa the same thing happened to me and I was literally very much depressed and was like whats happening yaar but then one thing came to my mind " Failure is the steppig stone to success" and what if I didn't clear that doesnt mean I will not able to clear in future . Guys never underestimate urself keep on trying and success will be all urs. So keeping all that in my mind  gave my third attempt and know what even this time I didn't clear but yaa I got exemption in FR so that created a bit hope in me that nothing is impossible, the only thing u have to do is keep on trying. Althought i was depressed that i didnt clear but was happy that atleast i have cracked one subject. This is the one thing that i thing we shuld implement in our life and i.e " We humans in search of big happiness forgets the small small happiness which give us immense plesure and even motivates us to work further" even in my case the same thing happened i motivated myself that Ankita now only seven more subjects nd you will be CA. That i realised much better when i was preparing for exams and guess what now i dont have to study FR again

But yes the worst thing that happned was relatives this people who have zero knowledge about our profession but are always interested in our lifes and are always ready to judge and same thing happended but all i have to rememeber was the famous 3 idiots dialogue All is well and yaar ab toh jo ho jaye CA toh banana hi hai Ganpati bappa morya and gave my attempt for the first group and then come to the result date i was so scared what will happen and all and i was so scared that i didnt told anyone at my home about my results its when i cleared i told my parents they were really happy and then comes group 2 and the biggest fear ISCA. And i was like i am really bad at theory and my isca experience are worst. But i was like " Ek baar jo maine commitment kar di fir mai apni aap ki bhi nahi sunti" So yaar ab toh let us make my weakness to be my strength and me and my frnd we both started preparing for it. And one thing was clear in our mind and we have to score exemption in isca and prepared accordingly an gave our best.

Okay now the most important day 20.07.2018 this day, my God till the the time of results I was like pata nahi mai kaha hu because this is the day  of judgement that day may be ordinary for others but for a CA student this day is like "Do or die".

That day many things were running in mind what would happen; what will happen if I don't clear will I be able to face this world and many more things.

And then finally my friend who saw my results because i was literally not in position to see it told me Ankita result aa Gaya Nd that movement I was like Hey bhagwan kya Hoga.... And My friend she screamed loudly "Ankita tu CA ban gayi" and finally when i saw the result for a minute when I  saw that words PASS my God I was like is it true I started crying and yes that was tears of happiness "the priceless happiness" and more importantly when i saw my results what i saw my God i did it exemption in ISCA wonderful. But yaa that was true I was so happy just can't express my happiness in words.

So, 20.07.2018 this day, the turning point of life. Being the best day of life since I added a prefix to my name.

So guys I just want to say one thing never ever give up on your dreams. If u don't clear once that doesn't mean you will not be able to crack it. So just go for it coming 2 months give your 100% forget everything bcoz once you clear you will automatically get what you want and believe me life is really beautiful once you clear. 

Also i would like to add one thing friends just start hating the word give up or quit these are the words which shows are inability. So just dont show ur inability to others work on it and try harder come out of your comfort zone and have only one mentality that "I Can I Will and I Must".  After getting exemption in isca one thing i realised if u are dedicated to something no one can stop u from getting it. 

There will be so much of negativity around you but all you have to do is focus on your dreams; make a mindset that " Now let anything happen I will be Chartered Accountant and yes I am a Chartered Accountant".

Chase your dreams and it will take you to your goals. Keep your dreams alive..!!! Stay focused go after your dreams and keep moving towards your goal and always remember one thing never give up...

And yaa last but not least i would like to say "No one can defeat your confidence and will power to not give up except you". I would like to relate this to sultan movie dialogue as salman said " Sultan ko sirf sultan hara sakta hai" same applies here only u can defeat your confidence and will power no one else.

So all the very best to everyone for future. Make an effort to turn your weakness into your strenght. 

Hope you liked my article.

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CA Ankita Sankhala
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