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Today I’m sharing not only an article but a reality of my life.

From the beginning of my life I was a good student but I was not sincere to my studies.

I always tried to escape from my school and from tuitions. In Class 10 I attended only 36 days of school days, my principal Sir used to say me (Padhai Chor) even my mom uses same for me.

I cleared my 10th with 57% From CBSE board,after clearing Secondary School there was a drama going in family “Aryan will choose commerce, Aryan will go for Arts” No one asking me what I want to do.

I always wanted to be in Computer field, in Animation, In Java Programming, even in hardware also.

Some how I joined commerce in a government School in class 11, but my bad habit continued.

This time also I attended only 60 or 70 days in class 11 and 12 and got fined for such irregular appearance, and warned by the school authorities. Due to very casual approach on studies I was very scared what will happen now as I’m was not prepared for my High Secondary examination.

Somehow prepared myself and cleared 12th with 62%.

Now, I was thinking about to join BCA or some other computer courses, meanwhile one of mine friend suggested me “CPT me admission kyu nahi leta?” I said “CA mujhse nahi hone wala, No way”

I said NO WAY because at that time my elder bro was pursuing CA, seeing him studying so hard. I said to myself its better to join BCA instead of CA.

But when all my friends joined CPT, I thought lets try once if I cleared then will do CA or BCA toh karna hi hai.

I asked everyone whether should I take admission in CPT and forgo my dream to be a Computer Engineer, few said “CA karte karte teri zindagi beet jayegi “, few said “CA it means Come Again”

But my Mom said “Beta CA doesn’t mean Come Again or something it only mean Completely Achievable”

My mom encouraged me so much that I went to Kolkata and registered myself for CA.

In between my Grand Mother died I was very shocked with heavy heart, she was very humble to me always, She loved me with whole of her heart. She was my best friend at that time.

She is one of those friends who is with you in the good times and is always by your side in the bad times. She has a sense of humor that makes everyone laugh and she makes everyone feel at ease.Once we were chit talking and she asked me how my studies are going. I was having a stressful week with my life and studies and I was telling her all the issues and how I was feeling. She listened to me as I was raving about my frustrations, then without saying a word, she took her hands and placed them on my face, and said to me,

"But at least you had a day." The touch of her hands on my cheeks, the calmness in her voice, and the words she spoke,

"BUT AT LEAST YOU HAD A DAY", hit me like a ton of bricks. All the frustrations, all the stress that was building up inside of me - came to a complete stop.

Since that day, when I start feeling stressed, I remind myself of Grandma's words - but at least I had a day! Things could be a lot worse, the stress of the situation always could be worse, but I am alive and I have a lot to be thankful for - so I shall not waste my days with stress and frustrations - Life is too short!

In 2009,December I gave my CPT and cleared.

So never take tension....because...

CA intention se hota tention rehne se nahi.


Aryan Singhania

Published by

Pallav Singhania
(❤ Work Hard, Party Harder ❤)
Category Students   Report

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