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‘Finance is not merely about making money, it’s about achieving our deep goals and protecting the fruits of our labor. It’s about stewardship and, therefore, about achieving the good society.’

What intrigues me the most about the financial world is how every problem has more than one solution. How there’s an ocean and you could just dig it and keep on learning forever. The thing that I find the most interesting is how it explains the movement of money in the economy. For most people, money holds so much importance they'd rather hold it in their safe rather than investing in an asset which might go up and do a greater good by making money for themselves and helping the economy at the same time.

Finance, In my opinion:

I would call Finance a science more than an art. It has a solution to every complication. My favorite part is ‘distressed debt’. Through finance, one can restructure a firm that has collapsed. Financial study has the ability to make a person able enough to rekindle a company that took a major hit and the securities from that company that were probably trading at a discount to go through the roof. It is nothing more than a vicious circle of money. It is not just a gamble. I believe one who understands finance will never have a problem because they'd know that if one door shuts, the other one is right open and that in itself is the beauty to study finance as a subject. 

The best thing that I learnt about money is how money creates money. Yes, I am talking about the multiplier effect. The secret power of compounding. I never would have learnt that it is sufficient to keep just enough money to meet one’s needs, and if you put the rest out in the economy it would keep on multiplying and nine out of ten chances, be put to better use leaving you with more than you'd have by merely storing it. 

How you can justify whether where you’re spending money is worthy or not? This is an important aspect that every single person would consider no matter whether they’re educated or not. In my personal opinion, I think finance helps you see the larger picture than most people without that knowledge can see. It is so important to know how you want to prioritize your purchases in the limited budget that you’ve while having enough saved for the future. We know there are so many motives for saving money transactional, speculative etc. Well, finance helps us understand how much every person or an organization needs according to their spending.  

Money has become an important aspect of everybody’s lives. Every single person works day and night to support their dependents, themselves. Some assume risks in their occupation and some do not. Nobody has a guaranteed stream of cash that would flow in for them for an indefinite period. What I want to conclude is, not everybody needs to be an expert in finance, but according to me, putting money at the best place is necessary because if push comes to shove, it helps you soften the blow.

For what it’s worth, if handled carefully, finance just uplifts the entire economy. It has the magic that can bring together two firms, countries and people together to use their individual resources jointly and achieve something better. There’s not one organization that can work without the finance department and hence, it is a standard for every enterprise to have one. Apart from that, it has way too many personal side-benefits. If you’re financially literate you can put your money at places where it fetches the best returns. This is all the more reason why I want to pursue it.

There’s so much more to finance than just investing- credit, distressed debt, hedge funds, equity, mergers& acquisitions etc.

The benefits I see from finance can go on forever but I think it’s only fair for me to say that it is the most interesting field of study I’ve ever come across. It makes more and more sense and unfolds another fascinating fact as I read more and more.

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