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Chartered Accountancy is a course that is considered one of the toughest courses to qualify all over the world, although especially in India. So, any person qualifying as a Chartered Accountant earns huge respect in the eyes of friends, family, peers and the community as a whole.

Juniors and Chartered Accountancy aspirants look up to the qualified CA for a firsthand experience and their advice on whether to pursue the same and how to prepare for it after one decides to pursue it. It goes without saying that the senior or the experienced person is expected to provide a feedback or suggestion very carefully and responsibly.

As famously said by our beloved Spiderman’s late Uncle Ben, “With great Power comes great Responsibilities”, this applies to every person who has a hold of power in one form or the other. Power could take various forms such as Political, physical, mental and what is also called Expert Power! Any qualified professional such as Chartered Accountant is considered to magically possess the Expert Power after one qualifies the examinations and attains the tag of a Chartered Accountant or a professional.

So, even if one might not be the Expert at such an early stage, one should at least find the humility to act like an Expert. Acting like an Expert entails, if not anything else, speaking responsibly, and thinking thrice, not even twice before advising an aspirant or a junior for that matter. It is both social and moral responsibility of a professional to be mindful of what they speak or advice, especially on social platforms where there is a wider reach to the target audience.

Recently, Chartered Accountancy Final Results were announced, the highlight of which, apart from a varied pass percentage was the Interview snippet of a “Chartered Accountant” who secured All India Rank 1 in CA Final (Old Course).

The interviewee speaks a little-too-candidly and goes on to claim that “CA course is too easy; it takes half the efforts to qualify then the efforts done in 10th or 12th class in school.” Well, those who know even an iota about the Chartered Accountancy course would feel that the statement is categorically outrageous. The statement is in fact condemned by a lot of people from various professions altogether across various social platforms.

It is notable, that the interviewee is still too young to know the repercussions of the statement made, but it further points out to the much serious issue of how the faculty that tutored him was apparently the one who might have a role in conditioning his mind to such extent. But the point of focus is that something is fundamentally wrong with the thought process of both the student and the teacher.

The major question that comes out of it is, whether one should consider and accept the responsibility that comes along with success and power? The answer to it is YES. There is an urgent need to understand the fact that being placed in a status of prominence is a big burden which needs to be carried carefully so that others don’t get the wrong idea of being casual about it.

People who advocate all the nonsense being said in the name of Freedom of Speech need to take into consideration the repercussions of the free speech that is incited by the said person. In this particular case, for example, because of the statement of the student securing AIR 1, the already struggling and hardworking students who are riding on an unfavorable luck or what we call a “purple patch” are highly demotivated by such statements.
Also, the juniors who might not have the interest or the requisite intellect to pursue CA might end up opting for it because a Rank holder tells them that the efforts are half of the efforts put in 10th or 12th standard, which wouldn’t be fair to them as it would tantamount to misleading on part of a responsible person.

Therefore, it is important to understand the importance of the responsibilities that ensue with the respective success and power. One should also take care of the words that come out of one’s mouth because they may seem trivial but they might have a huge impact on the minds and lives of the audience.


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Siddharth Goel
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