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Why Do We Make Things So Difficult?

 Why does it happen, so often? When I think that I will start wake up early morning from tomorrow but I don’t able to follow the same, while at the examination time I don’t make commitments and I wake up early. Why does it happen? When I see the beggar I always thank to God that "Thank you God that you have provided me the life much better than these people", but when I see the rich people why I always complain to God that why not me? I know every day 2-3 Litre of water is good for health, but I don’t care; I know everyday exercise will keep my body fit, but I don’t care; I know everything what should I do in my life for my betterment, but  I don’t.

Why do I always realize, during examination time, if I would have prepared myself for exam from very beginning, I could have managed enough time for revision, I could have referred some additional books etc. I always think if I can give my 10-12 hrs on my studying during exam time then why can’t I spend such hrs during my spare days? Why does it happen? I know the things that it will be better for me, if I perform my best, but there is something that prevents me “no yaar I will do it later, I have enough time”. While I know I am doing wrong, but I don’t care. I know very well what is right for me, but I always choose wrong one. What are the reasons that prevent me to do the things and later I regret for the same why I have not started it from very beginning.


I think reason is that we have too many options in our life, if we can’t do these then we will try the next. That means we have so many destination in our life, ye nahi to aur sehi, we lose the one then try the next. But suppose if we have only one option, then. Obviously we will try it again and again until I find end result. In addition, if you have only one chance for this one option, then. Suppose you have to go anywhere in the train and the train timing is sharp 10:00 am obviously you will try to reach there before 10:00 or we will plan accordingly so that we could reach there, approx 9:50 am at any cost whether you had to pay more than cost to Rikshawala or you had to run for that like mad, because you know there is only one train and you have to reach there, anyhow. Same funda we should apply in our life, just think we have only one chance and I have to do it, at any cost. Run behind the success like mad, pay for it more than cost, not money but time.

Here I would like to repeat the statement of my first article, If you have been asked by someone that who is the most beautiful woman in the world? Winning Prize is Rs. 1 Lakh and you have two options A) Aishwarya Rai Bachhan and B) Katrina Kaif. What will be your answer? Of course you will take 2-3 min. to think, what it may be?

Let’s take the same example with one additional option, now you have three options A) Aishwarya  Rai Bachhan, B) Katrina Kaif and C) Your Mother. What will be your answer ofcourse your answer will be “My Mother”. You will find, that you have answered this question within 1 second. Doesn't matter, whether your answer is wrong or you lose Rs. 1 Lakh, but you know your answer is the best answer. I just want to say if you are more clear in your life that where should you go? You will never face confusion in your life.


Actually we know very well how to achieve success? we know very well what step should we follow? We know if we will do proper planning, if we will do Hardwork, we can 100 % achieve our goal, then why we don’t able to apply the same? Actually reason is we prepare our heart, we prepare our outer mind that I have to achieve the goal, but we forget to set our inner mind; we forget to prepare our soul accordingly. Actually these all are game of mind. The way we direct our mind, our mind acts in the same way. Let’s take some point how does it work.

1.      Suppose if ICAI propose that now a student can give exam only one time, if student fail in single attempt then they will not be allowed to give exam next time. Then of course we will think 100 times before join the course and if we join then we will try our best to clear the exam in single attempt. But problem is we know if we don’t able to clear this time, then we have an option for next attempt. Obviously everybody wants to clear in single attempt. And we also prepare that we have to clear in one attempt. But human mind is like weather. It can’t be constant. We can’t stick up with our commitments. We don’t able to follow our commitment because our mind knows that I have so many options. This is a problem. We have options in our life that’s why we are lazy to do the things. We always ignore the opportunities by saying “let’s start with tomorrow yaar”, But why we don’t able to ignore the same during examination time, we wake up early morning, we study late night, Chahe kitni bhi neend aa jaye, because we know this is the limit, we have to take some action otherwise we will lose, we start preparation like mad and end result no revision, no additional books and if result will not be in our favour, we curse to others that this time I did lot of hard work, lot of effort but I couldn’t clear this time.

2.      Suppose if anyone says you that if you don’t clear in single attempt, I will kill you. What will you do? Obviously you will do your best performance to clear the exam. Because you know, now you don’t have any option. Actually the same dedication is required for this course. Just think I have to do my best otherwise I am finished.

3.      Suppose you have to go any unknown place and you don’t know proper location about the place and you have to reach there in limited time then obviously you will ask others in every 2-3 km that you are going in right direction. Because you know if you will take any wrong direction then we have to go back again resulting wastage of time and petrol both. The same thing happen with our course if we take wrong path then we have to pay for them i.e. our time and efficiency. Ask yourself in every lap of time that you are going in the right direction, if not then change your planning accordingly, but do it from the initial stage, not during exam time otherwise you have to go back again.

Conclusion: We know everything in life, what is right or what is wrong for us, but we don’t apply these in our life. If you think in deep you will find, problems don’t come automatically, we create the problems (except some genuine one). Try to find seriousness of the life, time to be practical, time to be professional, time to be punctual, time to be loyal and we will do because behind every big achievement there is always one great story and we have to write the story because we are going to achieve a big achievement.


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