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We all have a set of friends, family members, acquaintances, familiar places, known institutions, etc around which we have lived our lives till this moment. But  are you sure that is good for your personal as well as career growth? Today’s competitive world requires an individual who is dynamic, adaptive, and optimistic,  the three traits that can be acquired only if you step out of your comfort zone.

When I was done with my 10’th std, I wanted to continue Commerce in CBSE syllabus itself, but unfortunately my school had only state board commerce stream. There was only one school in the city that offered CBSE Commerce course which was not so good and I wanted to go this shocked my parents and friends because my present school was one of the top schools in the city and people from all the other schools struggle hard to join mine. I knew I might face problems in the new school but I was stern in my decision... I got TC and joined the new school. 

My  first few days was a night mare, no offence but I felt like I entered a zoo. The environment was totally different and bad from what I had in my school. I faced N number of problems in my two years there...teachers absolutely lacked knowledge of the subject..studying conditions were bad...but I decided one thing. I should never ever let the negative thoughts control me never once did I think that I made a wrong decision...I accepted that this is what is there in my hand and I am going to take it and make it better. I studied really hard with my own efforts...used online resources..worked together with few good classmates and  the end result was I passed the board exams with a really good score (although I could have done better).Those two years of struggle in a new environment is what that shaped me to the person that I am today, the efforts I took to study and know so many other things made me a better person than I would have been if I had stayed in my old school – My Comfort Zone

Next came another important stage..applying to college while many of my friends chose local colleges or to go to the capital city of my state itself. I chose the most HI5 capital city of a neighbouring state. Now I hail from a really conservative and traditional city and this decision of mine again invited criticism from my well wishers and family but driven by my previous experience I went ahead and believe me this was the best decision I ever made.This time it was altogether a new experience to me, students in the city were so modern and different and I really had a tough time in the first year but as the days passed by I learnt to change myself in certain things that required a change. I tried to push off my introvertness, took part in activites, took up responsibilities, studied hard and there I was one of the popular students in the department by the time I completed college. It was such an enriching experience to be in that college and I cherish every moment of it, even though the three years was filled with full of challenges and problems, I never gave up.

This experience of mine may not be very inspiring or capable of being an example to others but the reason why I shared this is...I always seen very capable people around me who could not become that successful  only because. They did not have the courage and willingness to come out of their comfort zone.

Coming out of your comfort zone is like a butterfly transforming from the stage of pupa to a beautiful has to really struggle to break off the walls of the pupa... but once it does, there is no stopping for it to fly higher and higher.

Are you out of your COMFORT ZONE yet?


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