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The countdown has begun. I know all of my friends who are preparing for CA Final and IPCC will be giving their 100% to succeed.

Till few months back I was in your boat. I told my friend just few days before the exam that I was going to fail even after revising so much. Yes I sound positive in all my articles which I wrote but even I went through that phase where I was completely drained out due to pressure, but what helped me were some positive lectures given to me by one individual particularly. Of the positive things that were said to me by that person, one such lecture I want to share with you all.

"Our mind doesn't have any tap. What you have read is gonna stay there only. Trust yourself. You have prepared so hard for it, don't spoil your preparations by thinking negative. You are gonna make it, I am sure about it. Just believe in yourself. You have failed, so you have seen the worst, now its time to hit back. Just go for it. Just do it"

These little words gave me a much required belief. There were people around me who were trying to pull me down but one positive thought gave me a confidence that atleast someone believed in me.

We laughed at "our mind doesn't have any tap" thing after the exam, but now when I look back I realize how correct that person was.

What you have read is gonna stay in your mind only. You just have to recollect and look at the part of mind where it is hidden. Just close your eyes, you will find that place. What you have read is not water and your mind doesn't have tap that it would leak.

I was weak in ISCA but I gained confidence with it. Whenever I had trouble during exam those words that "our mind doesn't have any tap" struck me. I closed my eyes and just that feeling that what I have read is gonna stay there only, gave me all the answers.

I am not in touch with that person due to some differences, but whenever I look back I realize how much I owe my success to those positive words and many such lectures which were given to me by that person when I was completely down.

Few words can change your results along with your hardwork.

Believe in yourself. Believe that what you have read is gonna stay there in your mind. You just have to search the hidden answers.

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