What not to do before Exams?

Amol Gopal Kabra (CA,CS,DISA) , Last updated: 07 May 2012  

I have written some articles regarding exams and studies. This article is written in some different form. It contains tips regarding things not to be done during exams. Some of these points are also included in my earlier articles also, but this article contains all such things that should be avoided before and also during the exams.

1. DON’T lose hope and faith. Hope is one thing that should not go out of stock.

2. DON’T take tension about studies or exams. Taking tension is anyway not going to help you go further.

3. DON’T be over-confident about your studies as well as DON’T be under-confident. Confidence is like a medicine dose. It has to be in optimum quantity. Over-dose is harmful and Short-dose is not effective.

4. DON’T sit on studying at a stretch for hours together. You need to take short breaks in between sessions of at least 1-1/2 hours.

5. DON’T entertain people giving you negative input. If such person is intimate to you, just over-hear those things.

6. DON’T study for the exams at the cost of your body and health. You need to maintain proper health before as well as during the exams.

7. DON’T sacrifice your sleep as well. Our body needs rest at least for 6 hours in a span of 24 hours. Just remember studying for 16 hours a day is just a fantasy. Even if you study for 10 hours a day, it’s more than sufficient.

8. DON’T let fear and threat enter your mind. These are like termites. They destroy your efficiency.

9. DON’T compare your studies with any of your friends. Everybody has his own capacity to learn. If somebody tells you that I have finished up with 3-4 readings of every subject, it may be a case that he requires to study that much to remember. Your requirement may be different and only one person can assess that and that person is YOU.

10. DON’T keep on studying till the last moment of the exam. Allow some rest to the brain so as to work efficiently in the exams.

11. DON’T take emotions of one paper to another. If the paper was tough, the fear of failure will not let you study well for the next paper. On the other hand, if the paper was much easy, the pleasure of getting good marks will not let you study properly. Don’t make spillovers from one paper to another paper.

12. DON’T discuss the papers with friends or teachers after coming out of the exam hall. If you think any of your answers have gone wrong, it will not let you study for next papers.

Study Well, Write Well and Get Good Results. All the Best.

CA Amol Gopal Kabra

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