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Just when results are out for many it might be a dream come true (Congrats!) but these article most of it belongs to those who gave their best shot but yet missed a chance with an almost hit. Friends I had read somewhere a very amazing thought “Don’t let today’s disappointment cast a shadow on tomorrow’s dream.” hence instead of losing our precious days in thinking and rethinking of the failure we are going to follow a strategy of “ Get up, Shake up and Step up “ from our past as soon as possible. With a forthcoming CA exams coming really soon we can’t afford to waste yet others days getting all sad and disheartened. Instead let’s try few things that will help you regain your Zeal in Life!

1. Give Negativity a Hug and Move On (in every sense of word):

Empty all your thoughts just because an exam result didn’t turned up how you expected it to don’t shut yourself towards all the opportunities of having a bright future. Hence first and foremost clear you head throw away all the uncertainties and doubts on yourself or your capabilities casted by you (or you’re so called well wishers) you still are damn capable to achieve it’s just the matter of time and few more smart moves which you tend to discover yet. Let’s make these very crystal clear you are striving these hard is only for yourself and your family so never let someone who gave up on their dreams talk you out of yours.

2. Give Yourself a Break (Literally, Wake Up of the same old daily routine step out in fresh Air):

Try any early morning exercise like walking, jogging, Yoga or Surya Namaskar which ultimately would help in bring back your smile to your heart and Freshness to your day. Spend time with nature walk barefoot on grass, help someone with something you enjoy doing. Look for smiles on people’s face there are everywhere. Spend time playing with Kids, Discover something refreshing. Find a colour that makes you feel good and Wear it. Listen to some good music and let your feet’s dance along. Learn something new that you always wanted to learn. Make all of them a rhythm of life and inculcate it your daily life along with your preparations and studies Ultimate thought here is make your Reading process as light as possible never ever read with a heavy head or heavy heart.

3. Start small and build it from there (Find the value in what you have learned):

A wise man said once the real successful person is not the one who have straightaway achieved everything but one who have learned to value his each and every failure. These means move on from the past Failures but never forget of its learning. Think of your mistakes learn from them make them good and be watchful never to the repeat same. After all learning from your mistakes is the basic thing thought to us since our childhood and that’s the only thing we continue throughout our life. Make “Have Fun in All Situation” your motto not only as a professional but also enjoy your student phase as it will never return back afterwards all of it would be just   memorable sweet memories to rejoice.

4. Stand Up and Join The Race (Treat yourself with new Reference book, Pens, Markers etc):

Imply starting a fresh motto also in the Reading Process as well. Trust me the freshness of new reference books, pens, markers etc it will automatically help in bringing back your fondness for studies. Set new targets and achieve them. Make sure you Celebrate each and every small victories and if something doesn’t work still don’t force it take your time and fit in gradually. When Exam stress starts taking over take a moment to reflect on everything you appreciate the life for, your achievements, family, friends etc this simple strategy will surely help you in keeping things to its perspective. Don’t wait until conditions are perfect. They never will be. Expect obstacles and difficulties and solve them as they arise. Have the courage to be your own critic. Seek your own fault and weakness correct them this makes you a professional.

5. Improvising (You already had done it all just refresh it with new attitude):

Study every setback towards the pavement of your failure find out what went wrong. Learn from it improvise it and next time go on to win. Once you start practicing few concepts again you will surely get it back so never worry if you are unable to remember how you use to solve the questions earlier and can’t solve it now. Understanding of the concept is within you it isn’t going anywhere. Find new and interesting approach for varied subjects, concepts and formulas. Try subject matters that you are avoiding since very long due to lack of interest or liking with an innovative attitude to learn something new and interesting out of it and not just for purpose of appearing it in exams and passing.

Lastly I would surely like to share this amazing thought with you All the waters in the ocean could never sink a ship unless the water gets inside Likewise all the pressure of life can never hurt you unless you let it in. Remember there is a good side in every situation Find it, See the good side and whip discouragement.

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