We are the CA!- CA Theme Song

devansh doshi , Last updated: 16 July 2015  

Long back, one would imagine an accountant as a desi geek, wearing peculiarly erudite spectacles, called Munimji. In his modern avatar, he or she is recalled as a sincere looking and suited up scholar, called a Chartered Accountant, more fondly a CA. The perception of a CA has changed a lot over the years, not just for others, but for CAs themselves.

However, one side of these number-crunchers still remains relatively unexplored, ever since the times of Munimji, that is, their artistic side. This is the thought that both challenged and inspired us, a bunch of CAs and CAs-to-be, to come up with a song of our own.

What better than a song for our beloved course and esteemed profession!

It is in CA that we all, you and I, have this one connection, a common dream and shared experiences that have transformed our lives like never before, and still continuing to transform. In this song, we have tried to touch upon those little but noteworthy moments that we all have lived through during the course.

Be it the sleepless nights for studies, heaps of books, the fear of failure and ghosts of ISCA, our obsession with ‘Big fours’, the oh-so-convenient conveyance claims, the luxurious outstation audits and nonetheless our romantic affectations (especially in the library J), we all have experienced these in one or the other phase of pursuing CA.

Thus, with all our love and respect, we present to you our song, both yours and mine – We are the CA!

And we sincerely hope you enjoy watching the song as much as we enjoyed making it.

P.S.: We just discovered that perhaps, CA has another meaning too – “Creative Accountants” or for that matter “Creative Articles”! :)

Music-Devansh Doshi & Keyur Bhagat          
Lyrics- Keyur Bhagat,Devansh Doshi & Jimit Makwana
Singers-Nirav Parikh, Deepak Paneri, Darshan Doshi, Parita Shah,
Mukesh Suthar, Devansh Doshi, Neeta Jain,
Nikunj Laddha, Krithika Subrmanian

Team We are the CA!

Supported by: CAclubindia.com