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“Ya Esh Supteshu Jagarti”………

 That person who is awake among those who sleep !!!!!!!


That is how the motto statement of our ICAI reads. Are we all CAs really living up to it? Professionally, may be yes, but Socially?? I don’t think more than a few.


Being awake is not restricted only to professional awareness. More importantly, one has to be socially aware as well. Be it professional awareness or social, one has to be proactive. One should reach out to people to understand their needs.


We must lead from the front if we want to make a difference. We, the CAs, can be very good leaders, primarily because we can maintain high integrity. It is the basic requirement of our profession that we maintain highest professional integrity. Then why can we not extend the same to social integrity? We shall always bear in mind that we are a part of the society and it is our duty to make a valuable contribution, be it in any form, to the society we live in. The best contribution we can make as CAs is to imbibe professionalism in our society.


What we see today is utter chaos everywhere. Our fellow citizens lack vision about their life. The youth is confused as to what is the right thing to do, what path to take and our leaders are not interested in guiding them. The common man, the real backbone of our economy, is facing problems on all fronts and is unable to make any social contribution. Our so called leaders are simply not bothered about social uplifting. We lack a strong leadership as also the strong citizenship. The only reason is lack of social professionalism.


Professionalism is not just restricted to business places. Professionalism does not mean that we become rigid and lose our sensitivity and emotions. It is all about the way of life. Social professionalism means following social integrity. It means maintaining high social values. To be socially professional means to be socially awake and proactive. It means to be able to observe the societal problems and able to proactively find solutions. “Mala kay farak padtoy?” kind of attitude will not work if we really want to be socially receptive. Only a socially receptive person can make valuable contribution to the society and can thus make a difference.


To conclude, I urge all the CA fraternity to think over. Are we really awake socially? It is high time we take charge and observe the society closely. The citizens need our valuable contribution for social uplifting. If we are too busy and don’t have time then we must make time. After all, it’s ‘WE the People’ who can make a difference



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nikhil bapat
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