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May exams are long over..all those who appeared are now relaxed..awaiting results..unwinding from the gruesome time all have been through. The saga of May-Nov-May seems never ending. Some make it..some again go through the grill…success delayed is not success denied..but one precious thing failure takes away is the confidence and time. Confidence can be brought back with little success but time can never come back no matter how hard you try & whatever you do .So today I thought of sharing few things for my fellow student community & all from my experience. One question always haunts us “What do I do after exams..sit idle & wait OR do something productive?”

Option 1: Wait for results is the easiest thing to do…your heart will always push you to sit back & relax and give you 100 reasons for doing so..the biggest one being “You have gone through enough mental pressure & torture, so it’s your time to give yourself a well deserved break”

Option 2: Is the tough one..it sounds great on paper…”Do something productive..”..those who have a feeling that papers were not so great will start preparing  with a ray of hope that results will be in their favor..it’s the thing with most of us…Hum umeed nahi chodte…so even those who choose option 2,will seldom give their efforts whole heartedly into studies…very few of us have that big will power to pick up books whole heartedly after exams..as I said..umeed ka daman hum kabhi nhi chodte…

So now coming back to the fundamental question…”What do I do after exams?”

No doubt ,all those who have given the exam need a well deserved break…we all need to unwind..take 10-15 days break..spend time with family ..friends..go out..But don’t lose your focus..the bigger goal..passing does not guarantee super success..no doubt it opens doors of opportunities…but you have to be on top to grab it..trust me..life gives all of us an opportunity to do something which we all wanted to do..but that window of opportunity is very small & humesha khuli nhi rhti…hence I share few things that would be productive…the list is not exhaustive & hence I request you all to share your views as well:

1) Learn about markets…Equities..Forex..debt..and what would be better than investing with your account..I do not say become a punter & put all your money in shares…but start investing..when we are young, our risk appetite is more and we can afford to experiment…but don’t start with the sole objective of doubling money..trust me..when ever this money factor chips in..it takes over your mind and you would make stupidest of decision which you’ll regret later…invest to learn..attend AGMs..read the companies balance sheet..know about upcoming IPOs..this will build your confidence

2) Be updated...current affairs related to your field…world respects knowledge

3) Choose a subject of your liking and interest...be an expert in it...does not have to be vast & everything but be a pro in it..

4) Improve your communication skills...you need not learn fancy vocabulary...always remember vocabulary is to express & not to impress...be precise & conclusive in what you say..

5) Read good books...fictional..non fictional...anything of your choice...it helps to expand your thinking process...a good book is equivalent to 100 teachers..

6) Cultivate a habit of writing...it helps you gather your thoughts and pen them down..Journals are like time machine & 5 years down the line when you read your words back, you’ll feel proud of your self & strengthen your faith when impossible is achieved...

7) Share knowledge..it generates inner satisfaction & further enhances your knowledge

8) No one will knock on your door to give you opportunity...show inclination to really do some task..and don't expect one stroke will work like a magic wand...continuous hard work coupled with smart work does the trick..

9) Always have a backup plan...life does not move the way we want it to...careers are shaped by continuous learning and dedication..

10) Learn  something new ..be it a new language…SAP..MS Access..swimming…driving..don’t limit your learning to books…

11) Be happy & spread happiness…help those who are not as privileged as you are…you need not be a MD or a CEO to share your experience..do career counseling for those who are confused..it’ll give you inner satisfaction

12) Do some charity..teach..plant trees..or it can be as simple as helping your mother cook or help your younger sibling finish an assignment or project work

13) Meditate…make it a habit to laugh..smile..spend time with family & friends…nurture relationships..in the end this is what matters..and happiest persons in this world don’t tie their happiness to money…money is a by product of happiness..it follows hard work …hence always be positive & confident in what ever you do..

The list can be never ending...but these words are just words unless you act upon them...change is a slow process..don't expect any miracle..make a goal and thrive to achieve it...break your long term goals into short term goals and always celebrate your success no matter how small..and learn from your failures.. I wish you all the best for your career...have faith & remember "man ka ho toh accha...aur na ho toh aur bhi acccha ..."

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Category Students, Other Articles by - Vikash Maheshwari