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UAN Passbook : How to check UAN Status and member passbook?

Aishna Kukreja , Last updated: 27 March 2024  

What is UAN?

No one can deny the benefits that Provident Fund (PF) has to offer. The provident fund of all employees is managed by the Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO). The EPFO allots each individual a 12-digit Universal Account Number which allows them to link multiple Member IDs to the same UAN. Thus, when an employee changes his job, his Member ID will change but he will be able to link all Member ID’s together. This helps him to view all the details of his PF account under one umbrella account. Universal Account Number number is very important to claim various services on the EPFO portal like checking member passbook, checking PF balance, PF withdrawal, etc. So go and activate your Universal Account Number on the member portal to claim all these services. The status of your Universal Account Number can be checked by clicking on Member UAN tab on the EPFO Portal

How to check UAN Status?

To check your Status log in to the portal, and you just have to follow the following steps

Step 1: Visit the EPFO portal for status check at https://www.epfindia.gov.in/site_en/index.php

Visit the EPFO portal

Step 2: Click on "Services" tab and select "For Employees"

Click on Our Services tab

Step 3: Click on "Member UAN / Online Service (OCS/OTCP)" in the bottom left corner of the page

Click on Member UAN / Online Service

Step 4: Click on "Know your UAN status" on the bottom right corner of the page

Click on Know your UAN status

Step 5: Enter your login details. You can choose amongst entering your "Member ID", "Aadhaar" or "PAN Number" along with Name, Mobile Number, Captcha etc.

Enter your login details

Step 6: After entering your login details, click on "Get Authentication Pin"

Step 7: Enter the authentication pin received on your registered mobile number. Validate the pin by clicking "Validate OTP and get UAN"

Step 8: You will now receive a message on your registered number which will contain your Universal Account Number and its status


How to view UAN member Passbook?

The EPF Passbook helps the employee in accessing all the details of his PF Account like Establishment ID, Pension Scheme, EPF Scheme Details, Type of Office, Account Balance etc.

The UAN Passbook can be viewed / downloaded by following these steps:

Step 1: Visit the EPFO portal at https://www.epfindia.gov.in/site_en/index.php

UAN Passbook Visit the EPFO portal

Step 2: Click on "Our Services" tab and select "For Employees"

Click on Our Services

Step 3: Click on "Member Passbook" in the bottom left corner of the page

Click on Member Passbook

Step 4: Enter your "Username" "Password" and Captcha. Then, click on "Login"

Enter your Username, Password and Captcha

You will now be able to view your passbook. You can also register for the e-passbook facility which will be available to you after 3 days of registering for it. Post that, you will be able to download your passbook after logging to the "Member Portal".

FAQs on Universal Account Number

Can we activate UAN offline?

It can only be activated online.

Do I have to activate UAN every time I change my job?

No,it has to be activated only once. You have to link your Member ID with the same Universal Account Number when changing your job.

Can I activate UAN through a mobile application?

The same can be activated through the "Umang" app.

Can I change my UAN linked mobile number?

Yes, you can change your Universal Account Number linked mobile number by visiting the "Member Profile" section of your EPFO account.

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