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Pursuing a professional course requires a 3D effect. I am not referring 3D here as 3 dimension but  i meant it on the other sense which is

✔ Dedication

✔ Discipline

✔ Determination


This is the key of all success and if anyone follows it blindly then success is just one step closer. Its quite sure that no other 'mantra'  is as powerful as the 3D rule mentioned above, since hard work has no alternative.


Moving towards the topic I want to throw some light on the whole diagram of ICWAI-Inter examination and how a student can clear it with good marks.  Apart from the 3D approach there is always a smart work involved in every success story which is the subject of this article.


Things which a student should keep in its mind about the question pattern of ICWAI-inter examination.

  First 25 marks are short questions which is always a bonus point for the examinee. 25 marks contains - Fill in the blanks, true & false (without giving reason  ), match the following, full forms of abbreviations etc. Thus these 25 marks are absolutely time saving questions, it just requires single word answers. This part is highly scoring and one can score full marks. Many question from this section are even asked from institutes material or revision test papers, which are exactly same. So one should keep this section of 25 marks as their jackpot and make sure if they get it all right then 25 marks are fixed.


Never neglect some important materials such as RTP and Institute mat.

  Do refer institutes material and RTPs. As i have mentioned in the first point, after you have completed your course don't forget to go through Revision test papers and books provided by ICWA. Many questions have been asked from these materials. It will not only help you to revise your course just before the exam but you might  be benefited of getting many questions asked from the materials as well.


Questions are not  very tough and lengthy.

CWA questions for Inter level is not at all difficult, only thing is students don't study and take it lightly. Even many depends upon copying from other students most of the time. Hence a student can get enough time to complete its paper properly , unlike CA exam where student don't even get the time to copy or cheat due to length of the paper and short of time  . So ICWA papers are not that lengthy or tough. Questions are many a times straightforward and easy. Therefore one should study and not waste time on cheating because questions are really scoring and if anyone write its exam properly , it may score high marks (ICWAI checking is also easy and provides healthy marks ).


Sit for both the groups.

  Often due to study pressure , incomplete preparation or other personal factors students go for single group at a time. But i will suggest to go for both groups together if one has time. The reason behind this is simple,  CWA allot ranks to all students who have cleared both groups in one shot. Thus If you clear your both groups together you will get a rank no matter what your marks are.  Well this is just a benefit but the key reason for appearing both group in ICWAI is the chances of clearing is much higher. Many times student study not very hard and clear both groups , sometimes with exemptions (i.e more than 60 marks). So if anyone who have studied properly has a chance clearing inter in one go..


See the type of question asked along with the weightage of marks.

Always look the kind of questions asked and what marks are allotted. Just refer last years exam papers and  you will find many question from 75 marks sections are not very long questions. Marks allotted against each questions in LAW and AUDIT paper is generally 2-4 marks , it means every main question includes some sub questions and  these are short or medium type question . Therefore you can  learn answers keeping in mind the weightage of marks.


Therefore like any professional examination ICWAI too requires hard work but one need proper planning and strategy to clear the exams. Always look toward bright side and keep your confidence level high, in CWA course students are provided many benefits and much easy examination compared to other professional course such as CA. If followed properly then even an average student can get marks in 70's in cwa exams ( i have seen this in real).


All the information provided is completely for ICWAI inter examination (under 2008 syllabus) based on my experience. 



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