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DO’s  and DONT’s:


1. Cover all chapters without leaving anything. Do not think some chapter is important and others are not so important. In professional exams you should always expect the unexpected.

1.1 Have good amount of sleep the earlier day. Do not try to over prepare burning midnight oil the day before exam. It will make you feel drowsy during the exam and hence it will really waste your efforts.

1.2 Have right amount and right quality of food on the night before and the day of the exam. Avoid oil foods.

1.3 Go through the suggested answers time and again, particularly w.r.t theory papers.

1.4 Do not try to find out which is important topic and which is not important topic for exam. In Professional exam every topic is important and it is only the degree of preparation that can be slightly different among topics. If you hear somebody say that you will get questions from this topic this time, you should just ignore it. Because it is next to impossible to predict question/topic in a Professional Exam. So


2. When you write the papers like accounting and cost accounting, first choose the questions for which you know answer better. Do not choose a lengthy question firstly. It will consume your time and you will end up with little time for other questions.

2.1. Read the questions roughly once as soon as you get the question paper. At the time of writing answers read the question thoroughlY. Please understand the requirement clearly before starting the answer. Tell yourself about the requirement of the question and frame your answer in mind and then start putting the pen in the answer sheet.

2.2. Write your answers legibly. Do not strike any answer after writing. Leave it just like that even if it means you have attempted more questions.

2.3. Please underline important points, sections, case laws, in the answer sheet. This can also be done during the last 10 minutes. (Students ask me a question as to whether writing a section is important. The answer is simple, law has to be read with section to better appreciate the content of law and while reading the entire law, it is not difficult to read it with section and remember it. This is a good practice to read with sections and hence write sections as much as possible. It indirectly helps you in improving your content in law papers)

2.4. Reduce use of calculator as much as possible to avoid errors. Apply manual accounting and then recheck with calculator once. For difficult calculations use a calculator.

2.5 While writing tax paper, think twice regarding applicable sections. Do not be hasty.

2.6 Tease your brain and recollect all the points you read from the books. Remember this is the only opportunity to make good all your efforts. Hence do not feel tired for thinking the answer. After all your exams get over you can relax, relax, relax.

3. Measure your time and quantum of answer for each question in accordance with the marks allotted. Strictly follow this and do not exceed the limit.

4. Please keep atleast 10 minutes in the last to review the answers you have written

5. Reach the exam hall atleast 30 minutes in advance to avoid tension and have a clear frame of mind.  

6. Do not come out of the hall before the stipulated 3 hours. Please remember you are not going to get a medal for this.

7. Spend quality time in review in case you have completed the paper early.

8. Before handing over the answer sheet, check for your correct roll no. in the answer sheet and check whether the answer book is properly tied.


9. Do not discuss the answers in detail. Just check certain answers broadly.

10. Do not ponder over the completed exam. Forget it, be happy that the paper is over and focus on the next paper.

11. Be aware that you have done your part and leave rest to God.

12. Do not get carried away by past result statistics and worry about what is the likely pass % this time. This will in no way impact your result. Indeed, you need to make sure you are in the pass list whether the result is 1% or 10% or 25%. It should not matter to you.






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