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!! Shree Ganeshay Namah !!


1.      First & foremost thing which you need to keep in mind is to keep out the thought that Coaching goers are better then those who do Self Study. My friend cleared in first attempt by self study that also only 5 marks short of Rank.

2.      Financial benefit is that you can save a good amount of money say around 30,000 bucks which may take months to earn.

3.      Suggest you to get coaching for Direct tax as this subject need more clarity of concepts then reading it and just passing. Indirect tax does not coaching.

4.      For theory subjects no need to go to coaching classes as your hard work is the only which matters in theory subject.

5.      Better to give as much time as you can give to your studies. Remember that it should not fall below 10 hours a day.

6.      Precondition for self study is that you need to have sufficient time for study i.e.

a.      For CPT & IPCC– 5 Months

b.      For CA Final – 6 Months

(It also depends on your own grasp power and grip to particular subject)

Also take one month out if you are already finished full course once.

7.      First reading for self studiers should be through though it may take much time.

8.      Gather all the reference books and material required like Suggested answers, Notes, Compilers, Scanners ready with you.

9.      If you get any trouble in any problem, do not hesitate to ask your friends whom you believe can solve your query.

10.  Do not think that coaching is always worth going, they are only if you can revise all things of coaching at home specially Direct Tax.

11.  –ve’s of coaching classes:

a.      No proper infrastructure

b.      Lack of teaching skills

c.       Not completing course on time

d.      Sitting arrangements are not proper

e.       Faculty are not properly trained

f.        Charging huge sum of money

g.      Not situated near to our home place

12.  +ve’s of coaching classes:

a.      Proper guidance from experienced teachers

b.      Improve morale as lot of students feel confidant going coaching classes

c.       Money is not constraint if you think of outputs

d.      Improvise the networking

13.  –ve’s of Self study:

a.      Generally its difficult to built your mind in favor of self study though you have completed the course still you have doubts (Should not happen)

b.      Take much time to complete the course

c.       Difficult to concentrate and make you sit

14.  +ve’s of Self study:

a.      Saves good amount of money

b.      Saves your time too if coaching classes are far away and involves too much travel

c.       Built your confidence (very beneficial)

d.      Lot of examples are there in which students did Self study and got cleared in first stroke

15.  Many times disturbance at home necessitates to go to coaching class

16.  If coaching classes are far away then there is no mean in going far and wasting your valuable time as I don’t think you can study after you get tired of lot of travel.

17.  Take good sleep at least 6 hours a day if you want a productive output of your studies.

18.  Realize your potential and don’t under estimate your power. Uncertainty is everywhere so give Self study a try if you are fully prepared to take the challenge

19.  Thanks to person who is providing you all the tips you needed for exams at one place.




With My Best Wishes to all aspirants and always keep this thought in your mind…..

“Do whatever you want to but when you are at study table don’t think of anything else”





CA Prakash Somani

(A Helping Hand)

Mail to      :           p_somani@yahoo.co.in

Web to      :           www.psomani.caclubindia.com

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CA CS CIMA Prakash Somani
(Landmark Group)
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