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THINKING, controls our Mind. Yes, it's true. Our actions depend on our mindset. The whole body is in the control of our mind.

To begin with, let us consider an example:

You prepare for your CA exams. Your mindset is positive. You have just one thing in mind. I will clear the exams. Apart from this, everyone motivates you. You work very hard during your preparation. You appear for the exams. You are positive about your result but, unfortunately you fail somehow. 

Then, your thinking starts changing. You start feeling as if all your efforts were a waste of time. The people around you start criticizing you. They forget all your efforts. They start reminding you of even the smallest faults that you made somewhere. This makes you feel bad about you. Sometimes, you start losing your confidence. Sometimes, you stop trusting yourself and your God. You start believing that other people are right and you are not capable of clearing the exams. So, this builds up a negative thinking which seriously damages your confidence and your will power.

Now, the question comes.. can you stay positive and think positive even in this situation? 

Yes, you can. After all, it's your mind and your thinking. You should have control over your thinking. So, in the same situation, see the difference.

You failed, but accepted your failure. Instead of feeling that your efforts were a waste of time, you started thinking that you tried from your side and in the next attempt, you will just put some more efforts as you have already spent enough time during your earlier preparation. It was not a waste of time. The second thing you started thinking was that the people who were criticizing you didn't know the level of your exams and your preparation. And it's your time to prove them wrong. The moment you think of proving yourself, you will regain your confidence, your willpower and your lost energy.

So, in this way, your thinking decides what you want to do.. and how to do. There's no need to fight with the world to prove your actions. Just switch off your negative thoughts button and switch on your positive thoughts button.

"Silence speaks louder than words." Stay silent, work towards your dreams, pray to God and prove yourself before the world.  


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