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When nothing goes right go to left!!

Don't think outside the box, think like there is no box.

Everyone will be known to the above mentioned quotes and all. But, who know what is thinking outside the box?

I think everyone. It does not mean to think differently than others or to oppose the thinking of everyone. It is also not like to think creatively, it is to be a creator.

Let's take a very popular example of taking one glass with a half filled by water. If u say that glass is half empty then as per the popular and general thinking, people will think you are a negative person. Now, think here outside the box !! How? If you think glass is half empty, then you can think ahead to fill that empty part of the glass with something. Now, this is something interesting. Is it not?

It is not enough to think outside the box, we have to Act accordingly also.

We can not solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.. - Albert Einstein

Think Original and Be Original.

We all know that thinking is not enough, but how we will act or react to the problem if we can't think in a right positive way. So, thinking is the first step towards acting outside the box.

Come out of your comfort zone, accept challenges, do not make only assumptions but imagine the conclusions by stepping out of your shoes. Don't just compete, be a competition!

Another question arises here is that is our thinking remain same? Can we always think outside the box? It depends upon situations. Now, the real thinking comes. We have to act according to circumstances and that too outside the box. In every situation we can't think creatively. However, we can think originally at every time. That is the beauty of thinking outside the box.

It never meant to say that there is a border and you have to think outside that border. It simply means you have to think in a positive, smart, original and in a correct way. It doesn't want to convey that you have to think different than others. It might be same thinking of more than one person and that too a creative one !!

Thinking outside the box means simply to think with a new perspective and Yes, to act according to that new thinking always !!


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Snehal N. Tanna
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