The hovering mind is the eternal speculator of thoughts. It barely needs rest, deploy it or else it shall find its deployment elsewhere. Thus, the mystified eloquence of a poet do I take my dear and esteemed friend’s attention in the midst of options galore available to a qualified Chartered Accountant.

In fact the last couple of years have been a period great radical shift from the orthodox dogmatic approach of the Chartered Accountancy curriculum. In fact in the year 2007, one of our Ex-esteemed president (ICAI) Late Shri Rahul Roy had well envisioned the future CAs and was bold enough to express strong opinion to lay down compulsory Post qualifications for the members for rendering effective services vis a vis our developed peers.

However, the same seemed elusive atleast to me, for then I being a CPT student. Winds of changes and dramatic discovery of the profession led me believe how true those enlightening words were.

Further the robust growths both in the number of members and students have there own SWOT analysis. As far as the economy is concerned it’s a much awaited tonic (Hopefully all might agree to that). The last attempt have already been a forehead wrinkling issue for the aspiring students as to the future homogeneity in the job markets, keeping the pecuniary aspect in mind.

To be precise now,

a) Number of professionals are increasing

b) Practice seems an inextricable task and no amount of litany proves otherwise

c) Post qualifications are limited and the Risk reward equation is quite dissimilar.

d) Further, International qualifications candidly speaking are a difficult maze to be solved unless one has a great insight and rich prospective and retrospective analysis.

To be honest, I was confronted with doubts, until I came across the interview of the IAS topper

“S DIVYADHARSHINI”(IAS Topper 2010). Indeed it was an eye opener for me. Now, I jotted down few points why a CA is in the cushioned seat to become a Civil Servant.

1) A CA already is a industry ready professional, exposed to extensive Business ambience

2) He literally posses more skill then what is expected academically as far as his field is concerned

3) Hard Work, determination and Skill are imperative attributes already prerequisite to a CA

4) Civils in not a Post qualification, it’s a life time achievement which any civilian can ever attain and when exponentially coupled with the CA qualification might work wonders.

5) One might ponder, its not a CAs venue or interest zone. Sorry to who says so, let me prove otherwise- Indian Revenue Service is what a CA is fit for and if anyone wants to work in the field of Direct or Indirect Taxation, probably it might be his seventh Heaven.

6) CA with IRS and one might end up being a Commission of Income Tax or Excise to his amaze.

7) Civils is a very difficult exam, and failure is humiliating. Again to demystify is CA an easy task and further civils is not an easy exam at all and it has an age limit of 30 years and four attempt to any ones pocket.

8) “Commerce and Accountancy” is the most suitable paper a CA to choose and move ahead. It shall be a cake walk. The only rigidity one can face is the optional paper and General Studies for which one has to sincerely strive.

9) Its time to take the path. Why? Our peers…IITians, Lawyers(2010 AIR topper was a Law grad. From Chennai), Doctors have all embarked upon this option, and we all know that they similar dexterity in their fields.

10) To sum up the Gist……Civils(IRS) = CA +1 optional paper study+ General Studies +Grit and strong apprehension skill + determination to become a Civil Servant

A question might natural encompass mind, do we have any such extraordinary example as of yet….yes…yes…yes

I am providing the link. Please Do check it out and get inspired

A detailed introspection can be availed at :

A further Link is

Apart from that Magazines for dedicated IAS preparation might help like Bright Publications, Pratiyogita Darpan etc.

Cheers and Sincere Regards

DISCLAIMER: This article was purely an attempt to inspire those who have any interest in the concerned segment. If it unintentionally hurts the sentiment any CCI member, I humbly apologize in advance. 

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