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'SEMANTICS' is all about choosing the most appropriate word/words priority-wise and impact-wise when one begins to communicates. It is the first of the 'six' communication and presentation barriers that can help you to equip better to better relations or striking deals faster, better and profitably. 

SEMANTICS can/will make two friends sworn enemies and also at the same time make two two enemies to become friends. It's power is amazing. 'Semantics' is prioritizing what one wants to convey and how choosing the right 'semantics' make the communication leave a high recall value. It does not matter what you said but it does matter how you said in building relation. Choosing and deploying the right semantics makes one stand tall above all others. 'Pleasant talking' is  a gift of the gap while communication happens only when one is under severe compulsion or trained well in the art and science of communication.  It will be easier to know whether one is communicating or talking by assessing how much one is under compulsion. A 'PERSON UNDER COMPULSION' prioritizes and chooses appropriate semantics. It encompasses all, no difference how high or low one is or one is a saint or a sinner.  


It is highlighted in the Hindu Scripture "RUDRAM-CHAMAKAM'. It is a holy hymn to seek from RUDRA (Lord Shiva) boons. This highlights how critical is to prioritize your boons. The background is this: the great 'HRISHIS' (Seers) performed a 'Maha Yagna' by name RUDRAM-CHAMAKAM ( a great  offering). SHIVA was pleased and appeared with a earth shaking roar. 

"I'm pleased with you all. You  may ask me as many boons that you desire and I shall grant thee"

The Sages were dumb founded. Only one thought occupied their fear struck mind. "What should we all ask FIRST and how shall we prioritize and how to ask?"  

SHIVA roared again "Ask as many boons as you want me to grant"

The Hrishis were sinking further in confusion. The very same questions haunted and daunted them.

SHIVA Roared for the third time 'ASK AS MANY BOONS...."

One Hrishi stood up with folded hands with trembling legs.

"VACHAS CHAME" (Sanskrit meaning 'GRANT ME THE POWER OF EXPRESSION")              

Shiva was happy.

That highlighted the prioritization efforts. The Hirishi was under dire compulsion.   

"I grant thee the power of expression and now ask me as many boons that you need. I shall grant thee" 

Around two hundred fifty boons were asked and it was all granted. Every boon asked possessed a perfect sequence of priority.

Few Examples:

(i) "KAMA CHAME, SOUMANASCHAME" (Grant me the passion and sense of propriety)

(ii) 'SATYAM CHAME SHRADHA CHAME" (Grant me the power of truth an also grant me dedication to follow it)

(iii) "VRIDHAM CHAME VRIDHI CHAME (grant me growth and grant me prosperity)   


All communication will have to follow of 'sequence of priorities" ie., what should come first must come first and what should come second must come second. This is the quintessence of communication. Just imagine you will need to cross SIX communication Barriers. 

With Loving and Admiring regards

Professor T.R.Ramakrishnan

Corporate Trainer & Visiting Faculty (Business Schools) & HRD Facilitator  


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