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The Champion in Me

Member (Account Deleted) Guest , 30 July 2012  

I was 2 days old & was surrounded by all kinds of people. Someone was a millionaire, someone was a business tycoon followed by people of all different caste & creed & everyone laughing on me. I looked up to God & asked him why did he do this to me, why was I a laughing stock & that time the nurse pricked a needle in my bum & said strong boy. I understood it was God’s way of saying a shut up to me. I quietly slept on the bed not realizing that “I was the champion” for whom these people had gathered. 

I started crawling; trying to stand up but fell down & my parents clicked my pictures of failure & posted on face book. How can they do this to me? I cried, but the cry went unheard.  I harassed them by crying out loud the entire night & punished them for posting my failure pictures, but never realized that “I was the champion” & that they were proud of me because I had the guts to crawl & stand on my own. Even though I fell down, I got up again.

 I was in my school & was in Love. My 1st love Sudeshna was 3 & I was 4. The 1st day of school, her pink frock, her pony tail & cream dipping from her nose took my heart away. I couldn’t resist & kissed her on the 4th day. Everyone started laughing & once again I was laughing stock. I was about to look up to God & ask when my mother’s soft hands were on my cheeks after hearing the complaint from my teacher. How rude, I cried. I never wanted to go back to school again but I did not realize that “I was the champion” who started understanding emotions, relations in this world where people at the age 20 kill other people.  

 Time was running as sand slips through your fist & I had reached tenth standard. I was burdened by all kinds of expectations from my parents, teachers, coaching class professor & my peers. I kept my hands on my head & was about to look up to God when my father came to me & said “We have lots of hopes from you, don’t let us down” & I just wanted to run away. Anyhow I managed to score 83% where all my peers had scored more than me. I was scared to face everyone who expected from me & I just blamed everyone not realizing that “I was the champion” who had developed an ability to deliver even I was under tremendous pressure.

 I reached college & I was like a bull that was set free of his parent’s custody. Girls, beer, parties, pubs, disc, lounge, late night outs & outstation trips. What I life I could lead but I chose to stay back & hold my horses. My friends called me a sissy & always laughed on me. I was once again a laughing stock. I never wanted to hurt my parents by doing anything wrong, but somewhere within I was sad. I was looking up to God & saying “why could you not give me Kool parents as my friends” when someone from behind tapped on my head & called me a sissy again. Wanted to slap him at that moment but controlled my anger & started crying not realizing that “I was the champion” who had learnt to respect, set priorities & work towards my Goal.

 It was Graduation time & I was ready for all kinds of pressure, expectations & future threats. I once again successfully shattered everyone’s dreams by scoring just 82%. Not having the guts to face my father I took up Chartered Accountancy as my career. It’s been 4 years now & I am yet to clear the finals. All my mother’s stunts have failed to help me to clear the finals. Applying coconut oil on my head, milk with almonds & switching off the TV. I felt so frustrated that I wanted to leave it, looking at the books made me go insane. I once again looked up to God when my father came from behind & said “Son I am getting old now” I gave a sarcastic smile to God & left it on destiny not realizing that “I was the champion” who had come all way long. I was now a man who could sustain pressure, take decisions & had FEAR out of my veins.

Today I am 35 married to Sudeshna (My 1st love) & we have a lovely child Kairav. Earning a Lac per month ensure a decent life style for my family. My parents take suggestions from me in all decisions & have my own cabin. My friends call me a busy man & my clients call me CERTIFIED CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT. My son is very naughty & says to all his friends “My Papa is a Champion

Rajesh Tahilramani

Mumbai Head

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co Ltd.

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