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Hello Friends,

It’s been nice to meet you again. I was thinking about the second difficult level of ICAI exams i.e. IPCC, and the various problems faced by CA students during the course. It is one of the achievements of academic life of student to pass IPCC. It is even more precious to crack it in one go. Guys, it proves as super confidence booster tonic.

The life of IPCC candidate:

1) Some people, you may observe could not exactly understand the huge syllabus difference between IPCC and CPT. Though CPT is challenging to those who appearing, IPCC exam is more challenging because of the vast contexts.

2) Sudden shift from objective exam to Subjective 700 marks exams. Friends, yes this reason may be valid but it should not be the hurdle in passing IPCC. We have to grow up and decide that I should be able to attempt whole 700 Marks exam. (Unless you have studied well to at least attempt it)

3) Non completion of coaching or missing the coaching due to unavoidable reasons might be another problem faced by Students. Coaching classes are necessary but they neither guarantee you the passing of IPCC nor guarantee the failure if you do not attend it. Believe in yourself that you will crack the course without coaching also. Years back, there were no coaching and even though people could pass. Why can’t you? If you have burning desire to pass, no situation can affect your passing. I guarantee you. Have faith in yourself and god and just fight your own battle. You are one man army!

4) Appearing for the exam for group 1 or both groups! One of the favorite topics of discussion amongst students. Guys don’t waste your precious time. You know better what should be done. But, remember only one thing if you appear for 1 group, then the group should always be the first group. You have to pass this group in first attempt as you already have post pone 3 subjects of group 2. Immediately start your article ship and manage office and study at the same time. Your management skill will be tested during that period. Don’t post pone your article ship as it will post pone your final attempt. Remember if you post pone your attempt by 6 months, you are deferring your earnings by 6 months. For example if your opening salary is Rs. 50,000/- per month then you will lose Rs. 300,000/-. So 6 months late means losing the money which you would have got.   So start your article ship, study for group 2 and crack it. That’s better for you!

5) 100 % study. Nothing you can keep for option. If you keep your studies for option, then ICAI will keep you for option. Give 100% to ICAI, it will give you at least 50% in return. My friends, 50% means you rocked it. You will be CA Final student.

6) Around 4 months you should be at home if you are appearing for both groups. Sit at home and hit for 10-12 hours daily. If you work for it then it will work for you. Of course there are refreshments, breaks available during studies. You can chill whenever you want to. Hanging with friends, movie, dinner/lunch, long drive with GF/BF whatever you want to do. You know how to relax better. If you don’t know it, then learn it! Take care of what you have planned and keep implementing. Refresh only when you have achieved your target.

7) As I said above, planning your studies is such a challenging task. It is rightly said that if you give 1 minute for planning, then you will save 10 minutes while implementing it. Plan the syllabus according to days available.

8) For those people who are managing study without coaching have equal probability of passing the exam in comparison with those who are undergoing coaching. Don’t worry guys, hard work is the key to open the gate of Final. Produce it. Lock is in front of you. Manufacture the key and open the gate and enter into the world of CA Final.

9)  Some of the recommended books for IPCC are as follows. Opinion differs person to person in this case. But those who are managing it without coaching may find the suggestions useful:


Haniff and Mukherjee

Law ethics and communication

Munish Bhandari

Costing FM

Padhuka publications


VK Singhania

Advanced Accounting

Haniff and Mukherjee

Auditing & Assurance

Padhuka publications


Module for SM and Dinesh Madan for IT along with Padhuka for few topics (Flowcharts, Decision table, glossary etc)

10) If the Raw material input is good then your output will also be good.

11) One book should be read minimum thrice to pass this exam. People expect sufficient marks without sufficient reading. You are not one of them!!!

12) No one can stop you if you do the needful. Let the burning desire within you helps you to achieve the highest. You can do what others could not even think. Believe in yourself and face the exam. It is ICAI and you also should prove that you will be the future member.

13) All the best guys. Hope this article will be useful.

14) You may read my First article on CCI on the following link: The Burning Desire

Thank you CCI Members and friends for this opportunity. Feedbacks are most welcome.

You can personally contact me on following email: Kulkarnimihir7@yahoo.com

I will definitely respond.

With best Wishes

Mihir Kulkarni

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CA Mihir Kulkarni
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