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Hello Friends,

I am CA Final student. This is my first article on CCI. I am not going to share anything about the study methods and other important things related to CA Studies. I am just going to express my views on CA and the Burning Desire which is all needed to complete the course.

During the period of studies most people we found are tensed which is but obvious. It is the essential factor which will push us forward. Stress really helps us to study with dedication and make efforts seriously. Remember Space shuttle will only take off when it is on lots of fire. Guys all we need is the Burning desire to be a Chartered Accountant. If you believe that you will pass in the upcoming attempt no matter what, you will clear the exams. There is nothing which can stop you.

Many of you must have observed this,

There are different categories of students:

Those who take coaching for all the subjects and pass.

Those who take coaching for all the subjects and still fail.

Those who don’t go for coaching for all subjects and pass.

Those who don’t go for coaching for all subjects and fail.

Those who appear for test series for all subjects and pass.                                 

Those who appear for test series for all subjects and fail.

Those who don’t appear for test series and pass.

Those who don’t appear for test series and fail.

If you agree with me then you will definitely say that there is no sure shot success formula for CA. You cannot give guarantee even if you undergo the coaching for all subjects and appear for test series then you will be a CA. Coaching will help up to certain point but to crack the exams self study is must. Friends, it all depends on what amount of dedication you are putting into it. Passion, hard work and commitment are the most important factors. So never ever give up!

All you need is Burning desire. Aapki chahe kitni bhi vaat lagi ho aapko aakhri dam tak ladhte rahna hain. If you jump from the top floor of a building then you will die. Kya milega? Isase accha border pe jaake dushman ko marenge, ek goli lagi to wahi pe marjaenge. Don’t you think it is better? Suicide karke to har koi mar sakta hain yaar. Marna hi hain toh ladhke maro!

And when you will start your studies with full dedication and commitment, your family and God will help you. Definitely friends trust me. Self-help is god’s help.

You have to believe in yourself first. The hard work which you are putting will give the results which you desire. You should be faithful that honest efforts will definitely pay off.

Ukhad do sab kuch!  We just have to say this for our self. Come what may I am going to fight, fight and fight till the last minute of exams. People have completed this course in the worst situation than yours.  Even if you do not sleep for 8 hours etc. and the next day you are going to face the exams then at that time also you should say to yourself that Aaj puri raat soya nahin to bhi kuch farak nahin padega, I am going to write the paper at any cost. The Worst your situation becomes the stronger you should be. Just be stone hearted and study.


Exams strategies and planning, methods etc. depends on person to person so just follow your mind. Guidance from seniors will help you but it should be in limit. You are the best judge. Some will say refer modules, some will say class notes are sufficient, some will say reference books will be good. In this case also it is ultimately your choice but once you choose then  just stick to it till the last minute even if the book is complicated or simplified.

Here also I have observations regarding CA study materials:

Those who refer Institute’s material and pass.

Those who refer Institute’s material and fail.

Those who refer class notes and pass.

Those who refer class notes and fail.

Those who go for reference books and pass.

Those who go for reference books and fail.

So guys ultimately what you study is important. Books are good only. But, yes I will definitely say that choosing a nice book is the dependent way to face the examinations so choose wisely. It is completely your call.

Though we all have other important things in our life, CA is our highest priority friends. Last four months before exams is our testing time. We get to know about all our strengths and weakness. So let us be thankful to god for giving us such experience. With all the positive energy, dedication, hard work & commitment we will try for the exams and hope that god will definitely help us!! All the very best and be positive! CA Rocks!

Thank you CCI and members.

Lastly I think this song from Rock On is really related to CA.

Sinbad the Sailor

Sinbad the sailor jahaj mein jab chala

Mere yaar sun lo sun lo

Dhundh raha tha ek nayi duniya ka pata

Mere yaar sun lo sun lo

Gehara samundar tha unchi unchi lehren

Mere yaar sun lo sun lo

Kashtiya jin dekhi mushkil se thehare

Mere yaar sun lo sun lo

Woho saahil tak aa hi gaya o o

Woho manjil ko paa hi gaya o o

With Best Wishes

Mihir Kulkarni

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CA Mihir Kulkarni
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