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The "BUFFET" formula for Success

Posted on : 19/03/2009 13:47:52

I am sure all of us have had a royal buffet and I guess experiencing this must have also been a costly affair for most of us.


Before we go on talking about its contents, let us start by recollecting that such buffet’s are served properly with good plates, ambience. These buffets are also marketed well at least till the time they aren’t well known.


A royal buffet comprises of starters, few sweets, farsan, rote/chapatti/naan, a few vegetables, rice and dal, salads, desserts. Further, there are lots of restaurants offering buffet but not all of them are good.


Some buffet’s are good overall and they also have some specialty in it i.e. some of the items would be just outstanding.


Such a buffet which serves all such items, with some specialty would manage to get a good price from customers.


Imagine, a buffet with only rice, or only dal, or only chapatti, or only sweets….!!! I am sure there would be very few takers for it and the price paid for it would be pretty low.


I am sure you will be wondering what has the above descriptttttion of buffet go to do with getting a good offer. Apply the same logic….You will get the answer yourself.


Can you get a good offer with only rank? Or only references? Or only knowledge? Or only soft skills? No sir, that’s highly imporbable.


The buffet that gets a very high price has everything as discussed above. Similarly, you need to have mostly everything; Note that a rank or a reference maybe just like that one particular item which gets an excellent rating or it improves the overall rating of that buffet. Ranks have to be there, so do references, knowledge, soft skills, presentation skills and more important all this put together should be marketed well at the first place; it should be visible in front of the right person at the right time.


Also note that when you think about yourself and your roadmap to achieve your destiny, it is very likely that one or the other thing is missing (for example not everyone has ranks, nor everyone has influential references). There is still nothing to worry in that case. A buffet may skip on one or two items but may still get the highest price. In that case, it has to ensure that it makes the remaining other things attractive enough to cover up well for those missing. I am sure you must have experienced that not all items in a buffet are that good. There maybe one or two items which aren’t so well. However, that buffet still manages to get a high price. This is because it covers up for these jokers in the pack i.e. the items which aren't so good. That’s exactly what you need to do by covering up in other things and ensure you make it to the top. If one vegetable is not so good (it should not be bad) you can cover up on starters, the other vegetables, sweets, deserts, dal etc. There are so many options where you can leverage upon!

No one expects all items in buffet to be outstanding. Ideally, a few are outstanding, and the remaining one's are atleast decent/good. Similarly, one is not expected to be outstanding in every area (its great if thats the case). Accordingly, you are expected to have some selling points, these could be the areas are outstanding at, however, at the same time, you should be decent/good at other things as well.


So find out your specialties (unique selling points) and market yourself accordingly.


Wishing you good luck.


Your feedback on the above is welcome. You may send the same to krunal.raichura @ or krunal.raichura @

Published by

Krunal Raichura
(Financial Advisory)
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