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Finance is the art of money management. If you are good at it, and excellent with numbers then this is the field you should look opt for, to make your career. In today’s financially dominant world, there is a huge demand for commerce graduates.

Many of us think that students choose commerce because they are unable to score well in science, there are limited career options with commerce, or students belonging to a business-class family background should opt for commerce.

These ideas have been led by our parents, society and friends. But it is all a myth. Just like science or humanities, there are a plethora of career opportunities for commerce students.

Furthermore, a career in finance domain involves helping individuals and businesses in making various financial planning decisions, monitoring cash flow, raising capital for expansion, managing assets and liabilities and running business operations. Most common skill sets required for finance careers include a good grasp of economics and accounting concepts, a knack for numbers and data, and analytical thinking.

The commerce students are instilled with the above-mentioned skill sets during their course. It acts as an added advantage for commerce students to excel in a finance dominated world.

Students from the commerce stream can choose various roles in the finance sector such as Investment Banking, Financial Planning, Consulting, Corporate Finance, Financial Analyst, Private Equity and Venture Capital, Risk Management, Wealth Management etc.

Moreover, commerce students can even register for CA Foundation test after 12th and pursue the Chartered Accountant course for a career in finance and taxation. Other career opportunities for commerce students in the finance sector include Company Secretary, Bank Probationary Officer (Bank PO), Cost and Management Accounting (CMA), Stockbroking etc.

Top Finance Courses for Commerce Students:

Master of Business Administration in Finance:

  • This course is the obvious choice for people who wish to make their career in financial services.
  • This course allows one all-round exposure to various aspects of finance, whether it is accounting, cost accounting, financial modelling, statistics etc.
  • If you choose your minors well then you can have exposure to fields like marketing, human resources, behavioural science etc. which can give you the best possible chance for growth in the financial services industry.

Chartered Accountant:

  • CA is the most well-known statutory course involves a combination of theory and practical training which run synchronously in order to provide a student with the necessary wherewithal required of a professional accountant.
  • This course allows you to have rewarding careers in consultancy, audit practice, investment banking, information technology etc.

Cost Accountant:

  • Cost and Management Accountant (CMA) is an individual who performs services which involve accounting for the cost of manufacturing an item, pricing the goods and services produced verification or certification of taxation, especially with respect to indirect taxation.

Company Secretary:

  • Company Secretary is a mediator between the management and the organization’s board of directors.
  • They are involved in creating policies for the company, taking care of public issues, maintaining legal records, managing mergers and acquisitions related activities.


  • The job of an actuary is to assess the financial impact of risk and uncertainty.
  • An actuary needs to have the analytical skills, business knowledge and understanding of human behaviour that is required to design and manage programs that assess and control risk.

List of Specialized Finance Jobs:

  • Chartered Financial Analyst
  • Certified Financial Planner
  • Economist
  • Statistician
  • Chartered Alternate Investment Analyst
  • Financial Risk Manager

These are just few job opportunities in the field of finance that I have mentioned here from the sea of opportunities one can choose from by opting commerce.


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