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Hello Friends,

This time I came with a new article “Technology and Humanity”. Technological advancement is increasing day by day. It is good for us to have technologies but it has some effect on youth as well as humanity. Mankind is a quick to embrace the benefits of technologies but nobody thinks about its effect.

Responsible Technological Development

What do you mean by Science and technology? We see many things in and around us based technology i.e. electricity, automobiles, satellite communications etc. and use them with a free – hand. Mankind is a quick to embrace the benefits of technologies but nobody thinks about its effect. It has taken the form of blind confidence that technocrats will solve all our technological problems. There should be global awareness among the people regarding technologies.

Scholar Irving Kristol has said “It is quite clear that, at the rate technologies are advancing, in 40 to 50 years almost anybody will be able to create explosives of a kind that can destroy an entire city.” We can compare it from past that as technology has set its foot on the roll biological species has gone extinct, the reason might be that these species are not in their ambient atmosphere, yet no technology has ever gone extinct; it has only been upgraded...

Does Capital dominate technology?

Development of Science and technology is directly related with the development of Capitalism. Domination of capital over a man is simply the domination of technology over man, since capital controls the technology. All modern societies have been influenced by ‘power-knowledge industry’ to achieve ‘modernisation’ which creates a serious problem.

Why there is an increasing opposition to the growth and development of technology?

Although the technological development in the western world has dominated the development stories in third world countries, there have been tendencies of opposition to unabashed technological development in those countries. Reason behind these tendencies is numerous.

One of the reasons is; off late we have seen the explosions of nuclear reactor at Fukushima in Japan which is the worst form of catastrophe world has seen today.

Another reason could be that more people are starving in this most technologically advanced age, than at any other point in history or primitive pre-history even then technological advancement are being imposed upon us without any qualification.

How youth is affected by technology?

Technology has become nexus for the youth of this generation. Since, infancy, a child is brought up in digital environment by his/ her very parents. Parents provide their children with all sorts of gadget i.e. television set, gaming system, cell phone, computer, iPod etc (what do you consider these gadgets a commodity or a necessity?) even before their primary education and this was bounty of digital world.  Digital age started to touch the lives of general mass in the last decade of 20th century and it was ubiquitous by the early 1990’s. No doubt technology has become a part of our life but too much of it takes away the entire charm of one’s life. The obesity rate in the kids of 21st century has reached an all time high. It seems that these kids have traded in their outdoor activities for game consoles such as X-box, Play station etc. the youth has found more entertainment on internet, I pods and T.V. rather than classic games.

With the growth of technology, consumerism has also increased. Those who are not able to afford costly gadgets such as cell phones, computers or palmtops felt excluded from the society and are not peer. There is a loss of diversity and individuality.

There are lot of arrogant and erroneous view that older technology is primitive and unscientific, but we have to give up this thought. The older technologies have been tested over a period of time and in the entire eco-system and were accepted openly.

The technology can never be perfect ones unless it grows from its natural condition. Moral education and awareness about the society and nature becomes all more important, especially for scientists because morality can tell them what to do with power, and they can only tell because they are the ‘experts’, who will be called in to say.

Remember Gandhi’s words, “Science without Humanity is a Curse”.

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