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Very often many young entrepreneurs and some who are in consultancy business for quite a long time but struggling for a good number of clients asks about �how to increase my clients�. This article gives indicative suggestions flowing which you can surely enhance the number of your client post.

Mostly the crisis of clients are faced by the young entrepreneurs who quits his/her regular job working for others in a company or firm and s their own consultancy firm having enough capital with them. Somehow with their finance and accounts blessing and experience they manage to arrange capital for their business set up. Next comes to develop the clients� base. With good faith and contacts through the previous companies some clients flows to their new establishment.� Let�s look one by one what you actually need to do to increase your client base.

1. Filing Tax Return Should Not Be Your Only Business

The largest volume of clients which any tax firm enjoy is in tax return services. Using the tax return interview to gather information is one of the most effective ways to provide benefits to your clients and you can convert for other valuable services offered by you while increasing revenues.

2. Sending Free Newsletter and Other Update

The potential and probable clients� addresses can be googled or can be seen through any local directories of your business area. At their address news letter can be send mentioning some basic tips and tricks of tax management, important forthcoming dates. Not necessarily all they will respond this is just to show your presence in the field and definitely they will contact you whenever they need you.

3. Prepare and Update the Tax Calendar followed by Marketing Activities

A monthly calendar will be helpful in contacting your clients and your marketing executives can act as per calendar. This monthly calendar can be about important dates and season pre tax return filing dates, budget season, taking new registration etc. Based upon these dates and function marketing calendar can also be designed.� Model tax calendar is the key word here.

4. Equipped with Client Management Software

As now the accounting practices has become paperless, more mobile, techno-freak may name cloud even, you are required to be equipped with �client management software� (CMS). It eliminates repetitive data entry, includes calendar sharing and proper client interaction. The project of client can be handled easily and in an organized manner with future tracking and accessibility system. It helps in generation of personalized client letters and e-mail. Customized invoice can be prepared with auto pdf conversion and attaching to clients e-mail or saving it to clients� portal. All this will enhance your credibility thereby increasing the number of clients. ProSeries, Reuters-Practice CS, ImagineTime, CCH-ProSystem, Practice Management Software are few to name among the available CMS in market.

5. Share before you sell

Inform clients of your capabilities in a way that makes them confident that you are there to help, not simply to make a sale. Basic information can be provided free of charge which will develop confidence and a good passion with your clients. Based upon their previous returns and meeting note suggest some new ideas which later may convert into new business horizon both for your client and you. If the client requires special expertise, you can recommend other professionals in your firm to perform additional consultations

6. Referral Incentives

Never miss to appreciate an individuals or an organization who favours you in increase of your clients in any way. Developing good relation with other professional will definitely create a new stream of referrals. Always reward both referrals and clients in order to develop a long relationship and client network.

7. Member of Local Chamber of Commerce and other relevant bodies

Never fail to get the membership of local chamber of commerce or any other related bodies and societies. Please make sure the directory of such bodies includes your business address. It helps to refer you in case they require your services. Attend meetings and activities to increase your public relationship of different profession.

8. Organizing seminar and symposium

Organize seminars and symposium about the latest development of government policies, changes in regulations and act. Information sharing meeting will develop a brand imaging with a fruitful business in future. A database of potential customer attending the seminar can be contacted through follow-ups by sending newsletters and periodical e-mails. Annual financial planning seminar may yield some big projects if you can convince about your service to the attendees.

9. Post Business Relationship

Your relationship with clients should never be restricted to business. This will go other way sooner, business not only with clients. Ultimately results you with some new clients. The existing clients require emotional bondage to move forward. This is the new curriculum which is being taught to mangers in B-school.

10. Add-on Services

1/5th of your stable clients may be approached to provide add-on services. Additional services may not be your core business but it can fetch you some additional revenue adding value to your balance sheets.

Above all, �In business ebbs and flows are normal. Just make sure your energy focused on key activities that move you forward stability� says Pamela Sim, business coach and author of Escape from Cubicle Nation when asked about the topic while writing this manuscript.

Rabish Chandra

Contact author @rabishchandra on twitter

(*The views expressed herein are the personal views. Author shall not be responsible for any loss or damage, if any, in any manner whatsoever).

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