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A Revolutionary tool to change the conventional data entry into an automated error-free process

Accounting has become even more tedious for accountants. We strive to make it simple, pleasant, and time-saving!

What exactly is TallyWiz?

TallyWiz is cutting-edge software that is solely focused on improving the accounting process through the use of automation technology. It has the potential to alter how accounting/tax firms and their employees interact with Tally on a daily basis.

The software makes use of a newly developed machine learning and artificial intelligence platform to absorb the process and speed up data entry.

TallyWiz: Transforming Traditional Tally data entry into an Error-Free Automated process

What problem are we solving?

Making daily entries into Tally is a time-consuming process. It, on the other hand, consumes more of the staff's time and energy when they have piles of data in hard copies or a large number of files to look at.

Return filing deadlines, staff shortages, data entry accuracy, and rechecking all entries to avoid or rectify errors are all issues that accountants around the world face; we step into the picture in the hope of making their lives easier as it was these challenges that inspired us to overcome them and create TallyWiz.


1. Tally Data Entry Automation

We wanted our platform to be as handy as possible, so we included all the necessary features such as scanning bank passbooks, reading statements (supports formats such as pdf, Scanned pdf, and Excel spreadsheets), entering data in the relevant ledger, and sale/purchase entry.

Making ledger entries automatically:

In less than a minute transfer data from :

  • PDF to Tally
  • Excel to Tally
  • Scanned pdf Copy to Tally

It can read and insert data entries into the relevant ledger automatically. You will only need to select the relevant ledger once, and data will be pushed into Tally within seconds.

This is how an accountant can save the most time on entry, work faster, and complete productive tasks more efficiently.

2. Client Access

In light of the recent events, we made sure to have Remote access so that the company can have access to Data cloud storage from anywhere. The staff can travel anywhere with TallyWiz while remaining connected for work, or they can create a shared folder with their clients to easily access data so that the work can be done seamlessly without a pause.

3. Sales - Purchase

Tally's sales and purchase data can be added with a single click thanks to a one-click automation solution feature.

Instead of making sales and purchase entries manually, TallyWiz can make all the entries automatically.


4. Automated notification to the client: Upcoming Feature

With TallyWiz, there is no need to manually check and remind customers to submit their documents.

TallyWiz will do it for you and will remind them via SMS, notifications, and other means.


  • Create entries in the tally Software automatically.
  • Capable of completing the week's data entries in a matter of hours.
  • 100% Accuracy (which is not possible in manual data entry)
  • Cost-Saving
  • Effort-Saving
  • Time-Saving


Technology is what makes the world go round. We don't want to be associated with a term that robs people of their jobs. Our platform is an introduction to the world of automation, where we ensure the improvement of the companies around us and assist them in achieving their goals by developing and refining a few aspects of their business in the department of accountants by transitioning from manual to automated tally.


The sky's the limit when it comes to Our Goal Is to Fit In.

Starting a business on a global scale can be challenging, but we are confident that with great determination and dedication, we will take TallyWiz to greater heights and expand the world of automation for the accounting industry.


Tallywiz is a very interesting modern-day tool, isn't it?

TallyWiz and the world of automation go hand in hand with modernization and evolution.

TallyWiz and the world of automation go hand in hand with modernization and evolution. When a company begins to expand, many factors contribute to its success, one of which is the team behind it and the technology it employs. The more brilliant teamwork is, the easier it is for the company to grow. However, would this be possible with outdated and time-consuming software?

Here's the same thing we're approaching with TallyWiz. Take a survey among the employees who use and who don't. The result will be in front of your eyes. There is no turning back once you start using TallyWiz.

Join us and let TallyWiz handle your time-consuming work more efficiently, error-free, and faster by nearly 9 factors.

To learn more about Tallywiz, Click Here.

Please contact us for a Demo or Registration.

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