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Nobody can be an overnight success. It takes ages of hardwork, experience and perseverance along with endless small steps to be an overnight success.

You cant become a CA by just thinking or wishing it. You have to take small successful steps to be it. You have to solve or practice endless questions before you solve a question correctly in an exam. You have to be brave enough to fail initially and be patient with yourself while practicing those questions. You just can't open a book and solve the problem spontaneously.

The same goes with life. We can fail in our first endeavor or perform badly in our first job or fail in a relationship. But it doesn't mean that we are a failure. There's always learning which becomes an experience and helps us in succeeding.

Success is a process

Small successful steps build our strong base and those small successful steps often come after failures. We learn and grow from it.

Never be afraid of failure or never give up in life just because you came across a few bad people or experiences. These things just add to our worth.

Keep trying, break your goals into smaller steps, succeed in those small steps.

The distance between our wish and our goal is those little steps that we take. Every second becomes a minute and then an hour and then a year and then a decade. So the base of every century or decade is that milli-second. If we utilize that milli-second effectively then we can surely succeed in the coming years.


We all will fail or have bad days in our lives, but let's not waste those bad days in cribbing. Let's learn something from those bad days and utilize that experience in bringing out our best days.

Break your goal in tiny little steps. Take those steps with confidence first before those steps take you towards your goals.

It's better to fail in practice than to fail in an exam. Those little failures during practice will evolve you. You will learn and grow due to it. 


Just don't get disheartened and practice more and more by utilizing your time in building a base for the bigger success. 


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CA Anurag Sharma
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