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Yes, appeared for the 12th class ,expecting a moderate or good score (thanks to liberal view of MOHRD to qualify more and more students ) in aggregate or at least in Accountancy, A student of commerce fills up CPT registration form, qualifies for IPCC and then for FINAL, and then thinks did he/she opt for the right course.

Reasons for choosing the CA profession may be one of the following:-



1.    Money, Money, Money Many CAs are doing that.

2.    Student doesn’t know much about other courses.

3.    Student’s friends are also opting for the same.

4.    Because parents want him to do CA.

5.    CA would make students have a respectable image


                            And last but not the least


6.    CAREER.




The dilemma in which CA student is caught in is


                   CAREER     vs.    CA DEGREE



Points 1 to 5 above leads to a CA Degree and we all know that even a CA student who has been in dummy article training and doing not a single practical assignment in hands, who doesn’t know even where the Mayur Bhawan or CR Bldg. in Delhi exist, can get to this.


But they know exactly where the Pyare Lal Bhawan or FICCI Auditorium is. So what’s the difference between a student who reaches to CA degree after adequate article training and a student who knows nothing but about Coaching and passing the exam.



The tendency of dummy training mostly been seen among those CA students who belong to well-off families because they can easily have a CA in their relations and if not, their parents can arrange somehow as they want their kid to pass the exam, and having CA prefixed to his/her name. So, student doesn’t bother about training ( and we all know how stipend is credited to the student’s account ). Completing more and more coaching classes become the goal of student and they seem to be more in the pursuit of completion of coaching rather in pursuit of having excellency and skills required to be a GOOD CA (ofcourse there are plenty of this kind of CAs too.)


I ain’t criticizing here the students who belong to well-off, but just giving an illustration. These students are taking article training and doing well in exams and getting high ranks and having a good professional career or a good placement with a lucrative package. But tendency means that most of (not all of) such students having a strong family background opt for a dummy article training .I don’t know exactly but rumour has it that in past, CA students who got high ranks in their Final and managed to get a good placement, had to lose their job after they were assigned to do some practical work because of lack of knowledge about practical work (I’m not sure about it if anyone has any such true incident then please mail me).


But on the other side, there are students who understand the importance of article training. These students gain knowledge of practical assignments and also try to keep their study in pace. But sometimes article assistants don’t get proper work culture at their office, so sometimes it becomes too difficult for them to stay around studies regularly. The syllabus for Final exam is all inclusive and that’s why it’s called FINAL, so students who think it’s just another level of CA, just misunderstand it.


There are students who manage to clear CPT and get enrolled for IPCC and then in attempts again and again go through to it to the Final but in Final they’ve to do deal with article training as well as so extensive syllabus and when most of them who don’t succeed in that , they blame examiners or marking system. But they should rather try to understand the reasons why actually they could not do what successful candidates did. The low percentage is because of lack of adequate knowledge and not because of marking scheme. Unlike other courses like MBA or BBA , the CA has its own unique syllabus because ICAI is the sole institute conducting this programme and to save this course from a situation like what is happening with MBA now a days, ICAI must ensure that only the most eligible and skillful students get this CA degree. So, ICAI can’t let all the 50,000 students appearing for exams in year, have this degree. If they do so, it will only diminish the real charm of CA degree and it would result into the downfall of CA profession. Nobody should blame ICAI for low passing percentage, we all know rule of elasticity between price and elasticity ( guys who don’t know are wasting their time), so number of students are increasing and passing percentage is decreasing, it’s simple. Students who blame other keep blaming and who learn from things, handle it in better way, to the better way.


So, a student must equip him/her self with adequate knowledge about CA course and should not choose it for any reason other than making a CAREER. Because career is what you need and degree is what you want. Degree leads you towards expectations, and CAREER leads you towards PASSION.


The rule of success are same : SELF-CONFIDENCE , DEDICATION, HARDWORK but self confidence should not turn into Arrogance, Dedication should not be conditional and Hardwork doesn’t mean mugging up head in books for 18 hours a day.





(This is my first article so please let me know your comment on article. )


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