Now almost the dates of Next CA examinations are final!! It is time for all the students to prepare themselves for the JUNE -2009 Examinations. Now Let us have something about getting the examination cleared smoothly. Let us have two tips today. First how to prepare in Examination conditions!!! And second what to do when one paper is not favourable to us.
Now let us talk about first condition!! How to prepare in examination conditions? Let us have a group of 10 serious Students and select 3 or 4 Key chapters then prepare individually for one week. Now all the students have almost at the verge of completing their course and now the situation is to prepare for examination. Further the students who have already given one examination and re-appearing then for them whole the game is of revision. I suggest you to prepare individually and please note that the combined preparation is not suitable for CA. Then why the group of 10 Students? Yes prepare a group of 10 students to be there at one place only for 3 hours. Now after selection of 3 or 4 key chapters ask you seniors or friends who have already cleared the examination to prepare the examination paper for you from these 3 or 4 chapters. If you are a “Kill the examination” type serious student then seniors will also come forward to help you. The students especially who cleared the PCC will certainly help the June -2009 examination students because at present they are relatively tension free students.
Now assembled at one place and write the answers in examination like conditions! No invigilator is required because here by doing any non-serious thing you are making fool to yourself. Now give your copies to your seniors who set the papers and asked them to check and after checking get Photostat copy of your copy to yourself and original copy to rotate with your other 9 friends by assembling again at one place. See your copy and also of others!! Don’t make any comments!!! See here it is matter of 3 or 4 Months only. Repeat this for other chapters and subjects also. Believe me it will make a different of 10% marks for each student. Why? The problem is that every student knows each and every thing but he is not prepared for examination conditions. Talk to your seniors and I believe me they will arrange all these for you if you are serious. More you prepare for examination like situation more you decrease your chances of failure in real examinations.
Further Today’s second tip is related to the one or more  “Unfavorable papers” PCC students can remember their accountancy paper and I think the same problem was with the Final students in Nov.2008 examination. Here see that it is the real test of you. Further see how you determine that whole the paper is unfavorable? Actually what happened is that the students judge the paper from first 2 or three questions? The main problem is that we never go through the whole paper and if we find that first 2 questions are so hard and straightway we start solving them with low level of confidence. Every student is capable of understanding that which question is hard to solve and if you find that first 2 or 3 questions are so hard then please relax for a moment. See the other students and you will understand it is not your fault. Please observe the other students for two or three minutes and you will find that there is anxiety on the face of all; the consumption of water has increased and you will understand that the paper is really tough but believe me still you are not right . My dear friend the paper is not tough but the first two or three questions are tough. Now the situation required real “Killer instinct” and instead of wasting first two hours in two or three question you should start from the last and you will certainly find that last questions are not only very short but you are capable of handling them very well. Solve them and then go for theory questions and you will find that within one and half hour you have finished half of your paper very well. Now go for tough questions and with this new confidence you may get some steps right and amazingly you will find that scheme is working. Why? Because you have already covered the half portion successfully. Suppose you start with tough question first (every body do it) and at that time you have two tensions. First the questions are tough and second one is you have to do the other part of the paper also. If you work as per my scheme then the situation will be different and in the rest of the time you have to solve the difficult part without any other tension!! Please do it!! The paper may be unfavorable but the result will be of your choice.
How the scheme is working?? Let us have a look when 20 years back I gave my Last CA Final Examination and the last paper was “Cost Accounting” and it was hot summer of Jodhpur (Rajasthan). Situation was the same first 2 question covered the three pages of question paper and both are of around 20 or 25 marks. I read them 2 times but failed to understand. Now I was little bit nervous but seeing the faces of other students I understand that the situation is same for all. Instead of reading the first question for third time I straight way go to the last one and found that it was very short question and I solved it and again I cross - checked it immediately by rough working to get full marks in it  and two other  questions were also within my reach . In last one hour I attempted the two hard questions and get most of the steps right and it was a bonus for me. Now see if I attempted the first two first then certainly I might have lost first two hours and with low morale it may not be possible for me to attend good questions in my way. So please appraise the situation very well first and if the situation is really very bad like this go with “SUDHIR SCHEME”.
You will face one paper in each examination Like this !!!
My good wishes are with you!!! If you want me to be here with you in all the three months please write your comments below this article instead of sending me Personal Messages. Your comments will make my mission easy!!! Believe me I am on a mission and students it is all for you!!!!! So now I need at least 100 comments from students and it means 100x10 =1000 students have followed my tip to study in examination situation. Share this article with fellow students!!!
Note: - Students! Sudhir halakhandi is not a teacher or connected with any coaching of students so please instead of asking him about reference Books, Please follow his tips.
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