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YES. I know you are going to read this LATER, but I still proffer you to read it till the end because you’re about to see that there are some techniques which works perfect as Anti-Procrastinators.

Have you ever had unfinished tasks or uncompleted work, have you ever postponed any meeting or outing, do you get easily distracted, are you lagging behind your goals or dreams, Procrastination is one of the reason.

Procrastination means “avoiding doing something for as long as possible, sometimes not doing it at all” OR “Waiting till the last minute to get something done” AND this is not always associated with laziness. Procrastination works on principle of Enjoyment and Sufferance (or avoiding sufferance). Have you ever procrastinated anything which you enjoy for example: Eating the food you love or having a coffee/tea or playing any sport or surfing internet - NO, of course not and Have you ever procrastinated doing your work/project or doing your studies or cleaning your room or doing your exercises – YES, many times, because these are things which we don’t enjoy.

First of all, Cheers to you..!! As you are aware about, that you have been procrastinating and are here to find out what you can do to cure it.  Well I am neither a Doctor / a Psychologist nor am I a Teacher of Management, I am one of the Procrastinator who luckily found some techniques to overcome Procrastination.

Here are some of important Techniques, which can help you:

“Self-Assessment” Technique: When you procrastinate next time, ask yourself three questions and write their answers on paper. I) Where are you? II) Where you want to reach? III) How would you feel after achieving? If answer to point III already makes you excited, then it won’t be very difficult for you to get up and do it. The quote goes perfect for it, “Who looks Outside, Dreams and Who looks Inside, Awakes.” – Carl Jung.

“Believe in Yourself” Technique: Do not let pop ups bump in your mind, like whether I am capable or not, whether I am smart enough to do it or not, whether I will be able to succeed or not, etc. Always remember “You are the Creator of your own Destiny”, choose wisely what you want to become.

“Break It to Make It” Technique: I am sure all of us must have heard the story of “Break the Stick”, where collectively all sticks couldn’t break. So in order to do your tasks, you should break it into Small goals/tasks or into 10-15 minutes time barrier. Breaking Big tasks down into Small and manageable ones will make your goal much easier and achievable.

“Run Run!!” Technique: Take up 3 tasks which you enjoy and a task which you procrastinate then set a timer of 5 minutes for each tasks (Round 1) and don’t hang back on it after the times up. Then again do the same tasks for 10 minutes each (Round 2) and increase the time systematically (Round 3, 4 and so on).  This short time will avoid your habit to procrastinate and will commit you to more concentration and focus.

“Imperfection” Technique: Don’t expect too much perfection in your tasks, because as soon as you start expecting perfection it creates a fear of imperfection and ultimately it starts the cycle of procrastination. Just be known that what you have done is good enough.

“Move Out” Technique: Comfort zone is like a restricted area, you cannot move beyond it. However, if you choose to cross the barrier you will take chance to develop. Disadvantages of being in a comfort zone are that it doesn’t let you Learn, Develop and makes you a close-minded personality. “Minds are like parachutes, they work only when they are Open”.  To get out of your Comfort zone you need to i) Understand your own mindsets and limits, ii) Learn from others different from you, iii) Adapt to what you learn from others and put it into practice.

“Train your Brain” Technique: The habits you have are reflected in your results. So Train your Brain to consciously create new habits and replace it with your negative habits. However don’t make a sudden and a radical change. Make your brain acquaintances that if your negative habit works, then why not try to achieve a positive habit.

“Pleasure Procrastination” Technique: Many a times there is conflict in our mind over Immediate Pleasure and Ultimate Goal, always I repeat always procrastinate your immediate pleasure and aim for ultimate goal and you will see the difference. All you have to do is swap the places of Immediate Pleasure and Ultimate Goal and work accordingly.

I hope this technique helps you transform from an unproductive procrastinator into capable, productive and stress free individual.


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