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There are many definitions of success which we all have heard over the time frame. For everyone the meaning of success can be different for some it can be that I have to win in every situation of life no matter whatever the cost of such success may be, for some it could be to give the best in every situation of life irrespective of whether the situation is in their favor or not. How can one Measure success?

For instance for a Student what can be his or her success? Many think that the exam results are the reality check of your intelligence and hard work and that it derives your success rate. But I do not believe in it. Mere 3 hours of an exam paper can't measure the real amount of brains and hard work you have and put into any work. Why are exams conducted then? What I feel that nowadays exams are only the measuring scale of how much you have grasped during the year and out of it whatever you are able to convert into your 3 hours of Exam Paper. This has nothing to do with any one's intelligence but only what amount of grasping power one possess. The moment when your result is out is very crucial from an individual's perspective. There are mixed emotions like being happy, excited and many more. What is success? According to me success is one's belief in oneself. It has nothing to do with the results whether they are positive or negative. The real exam of your success is when all things, situations are against you and you still believe in yourself.Failure is not the opposite of success, it's part of success, so don't fear failure.

There will be times when you will decide to give up. It's ok if you give up. Yes, actually there is very thin line difference between giving up things and to continue. Do not continue any work just because you have come a long way for the same. Continue only if you want it all from your heart. Do not punish and be harsh on yourself just to prove something to yourself or to others. I know it is said that “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations”, but what is use of such destinations whose journey is not being enjoyed by you. Destinations are important but equally important is its journey which you go through. If you do not enjoy the path then the end result may be its success or failure will not matter to you as much as it should have. So, there is nothing wrong in giving upon any task which no longer gives you happiness. One should always understand and set limit where he or she should stop. If everyone else is not stopping in this race and you are the only one to take this different path, do not be afraid do what you feel is right for you.

Many say that there are two ways either success or failure. But actually they are two sides of one coin sometimes there are failures and sometimes success. You have to give importance to each of them. I know it's very easy to say that do not lose hope, don't give up when failure knocks you down but it is very hard to keep that determination, patience and consistence efforts to when you face failure and fight with it to reach success. They say that believe in yourself and don't let the fear or failure take you down, but it's fine if sometimes you feel a bit low of your failure but do make sure to rise once again after taking your time and again give your best in your task and more importantly enjoy the same. Enjoy the ups and downs of your journey this may be a learning experience for yourself and also for others. Be happy in whatever you do if you are not happy then stop doing it.


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CS Dhwani
(Company Secretary )
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