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When you sit down to study, first Question is raised in your mind how can you transfer that massive amount of information from the books and notes to your mind so that whenever you need you can recall all? It is not like file transfer on computer; you copy and paste whichever you need. Actually there is not a royal road for this. You need to plan your study in a systematic way.

You can take help some of tips mentioned below:

Make things interesting: Thinking that if I study hard and get good marks and get a good job etc, will not interest you. Love what you do. Try to find the beauty of every subject, and most importantly try to link it with the events of your life. You can take The Economic Times and can check one or two stories of merger, insider trading, director change etc and can correlate with sections and rules. Even you can make a story or some incident. Some time before a CA Student Jyoti Rani posted a story on standard Auditing. That was a good story to remember.

Link is below. You can use this method:

Easy way to remember standard auditing through short story

Manage your time: Make a weekly schedule and devote a certain amount of time per day to studying. This will also help you to cover your syllabus in time. Students normally make a long schedule like monthly sometimes for full course. But remember a long term plan depends on short term plans. So after deciding to study full group, divide your plan in small weekly or daily plans.

Study in 50-60 minutes chunks: It takes time for your brain to form new long-term memories, and you can't just keep studying flat out. Take 5-10 minute breaks minimum and do something physically active to get your blood flowing and make you more alert. You can walk for 5 minutes; play with the dog, whatever it takes. Do whatever you want to do, except watching TV. I have tried on me, when you switch on TV you forget the time J.

Find a good study spot: You should feel comfortable, but not so comfortable that you risk falling asleep--a bed isn't a very good study spot when you're studying! The place where you study should be relatively quiet. You can go to a library if available. A quite place is must because traffic noise or other disturbances are dangerous for your concentration.

Clear your mind: We all are social; we can’t live without problems or tension.  We can’t remove them but a tip can help you to remove those things from your mind while studying. If you’ve got a lot on your mind take a moment to write yourself some notes about what you're thinking about before you start studying. This will help to clear your mind you focus all your thoughts on your work. You can start worrying about them again after study. You can read following post for help: An easy way to get rid of trouble- use trouble tree

Make enough time in your schedule to get enough sleep: Think of it this way: If you sleep only 4-5 hours, you'll probably need to double your study time in order to be as effective as if you'd gotten 7-9 hours of sleep. Study more and sleep less? That doesn't sound like a very good deal. Get a good night's sleep every night and you'll be making the best of your study time.

Snack smart while you study: Last but one of most important thing, Don’t leave your food while study. I have seen many students skip breakfast, lunch or dinner. But my friends this is a Blunder; because this not even hurt your health even this will hurt your study also. Because empty stomach can’t give enough energy to mind and that is the part of our body which consumes most energy. So eat properly and eat healthy.

I will be more than happy if any of above tips help you in getting more marks.


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