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Meet Shreya Tibrewal - AIR-1 November 2020 CA Intermediate (New) Attempt

In our conversation with Shreya, she talks about her strategy, inner motivation, the importance of conceptual clarity and her aspiration in joining the Big 4 for her articleship. She also threw some light on how co-curricular activities are important to keep your mind fresh, and how necessary it is to take regular breaks during study time.

Here is the detailed interview of Shreya with CAclubIndia:-

A big congratulations to you Shreya from the entire team of CAClubIndia on securing AIR-1

Thank You so much

So, has it sunk in yet?

It's starting to sink in but I am so overwhelmed with joy. It was very difficult to digest that such a big thing has happened to me but I am grateful for it.

How did you find out that you have secured AIR-1?

I was constantly checking the Twitter account of one of the council members and in that, I found out that the results have been declared. So, I put in my roll number and checked my marksheet. I first saw 2 pass and I was happy then I saw the marks. I thought I would check the merit sheet and after seeing AIR-1 I couldn't believe that I had gotten 1. I called my mom to reconfirm whether it is the correct news or not. This is how I got my result.

Shreya Tibrewal, All India Topper (AIR-1), CA Inter (New), Nov 2020 in an exclusive interaction with CAclubindia

So, what was the reaction of your parents like because you called your mom immediately after you checked your result?

They were shocked and were so happy and proud and that felt very great.

Did you receive a call from The President of ICAI as well?

No, but I received a call from the Ahmedabad Chairman.

Were you expecting a rank when you were writing your papers or immediately after your papers?

After my papers, I had a feeling that my papers went nice. I had a few doubts but nonetheless, I was expecting a good score. Obviously, no one can expect AIR-1 but I was expecting a rank somewhere.

Did you have a rank in mind when you started preparing for CA-Inter?

You aim for stars so that you land on the moon at least. My focus was on accuracy and conceptual clarity so if you have that you are going to perform well in your papers.

Shreya, why don't you tell us something about yourself?

I am Shreya Tibrewal and I thought of pursuing CA after my 10th grade. Ever Since that, I am happy to say that my journey has been smooth and I look forward to getting to know more things when I appear for my CA Finals, Articleship experience and my future career.


So Shreya, a major problem that students face during their CA Inter study curriculum is how to differentiate between the study of theory subject and the study of the practical subject? What was your strategy in studying these two things?

One thing I would like to say is that you have to refer to the ICAI material. You also refer to the MTPSs, RTPs, past papers and the ICAI modules for all the subjects but for practical subjects, you need to put more effort into practicing questions. I had taken coachings so they had provided me with books and perfectly curated sums. I practised a lot which brought in accuracy and it helps you to open your mind to questions. You won't be surprised when you are given new or out of the box types of questions and you will be able to handle it because of the practice.

It's very crucial that you exercise different types of questions and in theory, revision is the key. If you revise then only you'll remember.

A major saying is that CA's study a lot and they devote around 16-20 hours in their study phase. So I would like to know what your schedule

  1. One month before the exam and
  2. During the exam time

I was never a student who could study for 15-16 hours a day. Around 2.5 months before the exams I used to study for 8-9 hours including my lectures. My focus was never on the hours but on the amount, of course, to be completed on a particular day. I used to complete that portion which was my aim for each day.


Just when the exams were approaching I had to put in more efforts so I added 2-3 hours to my previous study time and some more study material.

During the exam days you have to put in every bit of your energy into your studies. Those 16 days of the exams are different. Otherwise you don't need to panic as much as people say. You must take the course at your own pace and comfort.

How often do you think it is important to take study breaks during those 16 days of the exams?

So, before the exams, you must take short breaks during the day and a little longer breaks in the night and the evening. You should walk, do something physical because you'll need fresh air to survive for the whole day.

During the exams, it was my rule that after giving each paper I used to relax for 2 hours and after that only I would study for the next paper. If you follow this you would feel fresh enough to go for the next subject exam.


Do you believe in studying for a longer period of time or do you like to divide your day into short periods of time?

If the subject I study is of my liking, I will study it for the whole day and have no problem. But if its theory subjects it tends to get monotonous and it forces you to take breaks and stay hydrated so that whatever you read you can understand properly and recall when needed. It also depends upon your stamina and your liking which constitutes the factors of the amount of breaks you need.

Which subject did you enjoy studying the most?

All the practical subjects were fun to study but Costing and FM were my favourite. Even Taxation, though a little theoretical I could study the whole day.

I am sure tons of opportunities are awaiting you, but what are your plans for articleship?

I haven't crystallized yet but I have thought of doing articleship in one of the Big 4 Firms in the Taxation Department. That would be my go-to for articleship.

What I have seen is that CAs usually don't indulge in co-curricular activities which I think is very important especially 2-3 months prior to the exams because that's when your mind needs the most refreshment.

Did you indulge in any co-curricular activities and what would you suggest to others?

It's very important you do something other than studying because it will help your mind freshen up and you'll feel relaxed. The whole day if you're studying and not doing anything else you will not be able to survive for long.

I love cycling and hence would go for cycle rides, play badminton, listen to music even with studies and bake because that's one of my passions. These were the things that kept me motivated and not so morose during the study period.

Covid-19 and the lockdown were very demotivating for people, so how did you stay motivated during that time?

I didn't stay motivated the whole time and there were some ups and downs but you must look at the end game and the end goal which you want to achieve. You should think of when you'll see 2 pass or a rank and the happiness you'll feel after. Your inner motivation is of utmost importance and will be there for the whole period. Motivational videos might keep you motivated for a week or two but at the end, inner motivation will only help you.

Is there anything you would like to share with the CA Community through CAclubIndia?

I would like to say be motivated, focus on conceptual clarity and be consistent which will lead you to success. Good wishes for all of you.

Thank You so much for joining us in this conversation Shreya, and we wish you all the best for all your future endeavours. Congratulations once again for securing AIR-1.

Thank You so much

This interview was taken by Aishna Kukreja, Assistant Editor - CAclubindia

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