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Hi everyone. This is my first article and I have high hopes that it reaches everyone, not only CA students but Students of all fields.

Here I begin with CA students because this wonderful portal allows me to share my ideas with CA students.

CA students are failing, and they don’t really know why. They are persistently trying to give their best but are not sure of what is going wrong. The exams also go really well but after the day of result, students who failed are not able to understand the reason of their failure. They must learn from their mistakes of previous attempts. But what was the biggest mistake that students committed???

No one knows the one common mistake that all students, who failed, had committed.

MISTAKENot thought like rank holders.

Rank holders’ Attributes in form of Q & A

Q.1) Who are they?

Ans. One amongst us.

Q.2) Did they study for more hours than you did?

Ans. Yes

Q.3) Were they consistent in their studies?

Ans. Yes

Q.4) What was their approach?

Ans. To be at the top.

Q.5) Were they worried about passing or failing?

Ans. No


These are just a few characteristics of rank holders which we must imbibe in ourselves.

This is how to proceed towards the golden aim.

Answers to above questions that you must answer yourselves.

1) You can also be one amongst the many and be a rank holder

2)  You can study more hours than you did last time.

3) Its not going to take 15 days to clear, but consistent efforts of past few months.

4) You have to think that you will be at the top of the CA RANK list.

5) Passing or failing doesn't come in the way who think of reaching new heights.


Rank holders know from before that they will surely clear but are fighting for the top spots. They are not at all worried about passing or failing. They just concentrate on their studies and rest as everyone knows – their photo is published.

So what is the difference between Rank holder and a failure?

And what is the Biggest and Simplest Solution to clear CA?

Here is the biggest and simplest solution and that is:-



When you start studying, study as if you want to secure a rank. All your efforts should be towards earning a rank. Study like a future rank holder. Because they say “SHOOT FOR THE MOON, YOU WILL LAND AMONGST THE STARS”.

Even if you don’t get the rank (moon) you will surely land amongst the degree (stars).

The main aim of this article is that students who are not clearing or are getting ready to give their first attempt must start working like Future rank holders.

Because even if you are not going to get the RANK, at least you will not fear of failing.


Gaurav Dang

(Future) Motivator and Relationship Consultant


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