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Shall I do Business or continue my Job?

A question which invariably hits my devil mind every time the boss tries to poke his stingy nose every nanosecond at what I am doing, avoid marking me a CC on mail drafted by me and forwarded by him to all the unimportant people in his mailing list namely the CFO , CEO and  the MDs, orders me to get a coffee from the vending machine which at home he is asked by his wife to prepare it for her. Yet being a Chartered Accountant (CA) by default and a Lawyer by choice my mind invariably tries to evaluate the Pros and Cons of being in a Job or starting my own venture.

My mind tries to figure out few strong justifications why I shall continue my Job:

Job I must continue as it is difficult to let go a salary of Rs 12,00,000 p.a., bonus of per annum salary divided by 12 as more popularly worked out by Chartered Accountants firms and every month rounding off the out of the pocket expenses to Hundred and for the experienced soul rounding it off to thousand.

Job I must continue as a middle class family always need a hand on their head, for someone earning the above quoted number in INR.

Job I must continue as it has Zero risk and 100% reward. In the absence of my Job I shall have to surrender all my rewards back to the respective company before I step out of the office of my employer for the last time, rewards namely the Five Credit Cards from different private and public banks which were issued to me every time I got a salary raise, a Kingfisher Gold Card to be handed back to Mr. Vijaya Mallaya as I will no longer be able to travel at the cost of my employer expenses, a Club membership with couple of reputed clubs in South Mumbai shall be foregone as i shall manage taking a bath in my Bathroom then in a swimming pool and shall have a break fast with my younger brother then having with all the elite members of the club.

Job I must continue as I began to believe in the promise made by my boss to make my Job a little more better which is no worst and my salary more variable which was earlier based on fixed model plan.

                Yet when I read books written by IIM graduates and business entrepreneurs on starting a Venture on our own or when I see a cobbler scribbling on a piece of paper at the end of the day marking his revenue as Rs 120, allocated cost for the day as Rs 57 posting a final profit of Rs 63 a humongous margin of 52.5 %. My mind wants to call it quit and forces me to wonder about my new venture.

Buisness I shall do as it would result in creating job opportunities which the Tatas, Ambanis and Birlas may not able to cater cumulatively.

 Buisness I shall do as it teaches you how it feels when your first manufactured product does not sell for two months from the date of manufacture and you start doubting yourself.

Buisness I shall do as teaches you how a seed generated in a mind take a form of something tangible which on execution is a product that adds value to the client.

Buisness I shall do as it will make you spend sleepless night just because in the initial days of business you were not able to realize dues from some crooked debtors.

Today between must and shall we have a choice that will decide what type of human being we are and would also reveal our true character.


Jitendra Jain

(on behalf of all the confused soul)

Published by

Jitendra Jain
(Audit and Assurance Division)
Category Career   Report

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