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Introduction: In the present competitive, getting success is not easy task. For successes in any work, several factors are important in that most important factor is “Self Confidence”.  Self confidence is a very important key factor in every aspects of our life. It is an opinion in your mind about yourself. The level of self confidence is differ from person to person, if we analyze system the reason for different level of self confidence from person to person, several factors are involved on this, this article attempt to  high lights those factors and help to improve your confidence level.

1.      Sincerity:

Sincerity is the basic for any work; it means the genuineness, honesty in your work. While doing any work we should be sincere, it will help to learn the new things, correct our mistakes and improve our knowledge. Sincere working means to work with the knowledge what actually we knew and accept our ignorance, if any in the work. It will ensure the correctness of any work and avoid the mistake which happening due to our ignorance and guide us to work the same task with good confident in next time.


2.      Efficiency:

Efficiency is the calculation factor for work fast. Every one having their own speed of work. During the work we should have the proper efficiency. It should be in line with the pressure of the assigned work, but we should aware about our efficiency to do any work. For accepting the work beyond our capacity will lead the lack of quality in the work and also discourage you. So doing the work at our correct efficiency and capacity level and improve step by step your efficiency and capacity will increase your self confidence also.


3.      Effectiveness:

In any type of work effectiveness is very important, working with sincere, efficiency and effectiveness gives the better result in work, While getting better result your confident on doing the particular job will be increase. So try doing any work with effectiveness.


4.      Perfection:

Perfection is the vital factor for your self confidence, while doing work at perfect level will always give the targeted result. Getting aimed result will boost your confidence at a higher level and initiate you to do the work with high interest.


5.      Self motivation:

Without motivation we cannot do any work, motivation can be come from self or others. But comparing other motivation, self motivation is the great boost to increase your self confidence level. Also self motivation increases your moral power in any work.


6.      Clarity:

Doing any work with clarity is the correct way to finish the work. Without clear understanding do not accept any work. If accepts then you may not finish and it will

reduce your self confidence level also your reputation.


7.      Independent :

Independent handling of work will give us a rich experience and knowledge and also improve your individuality and intellectual skills, it will be improve your confidence level at high.


8.      Completeness:

We should have the completeness in taken task, whether success or failure the task should be completed. We should not revert back when we found difficulty and obstacle, try to come out from the obstacle and complete the task, it will give you the confidence to do the same work again without difficulty.


9.      Guidance:

Guidance is the torch light for facing the difficulty and removes the obstacle. We can have the experts and seniors advice while we doing the work, it will improve your quality of works and removes the lack of knowledge and give the perfect result. While getting the perfect result the self confidence level doubled.


10.  Belief yourself:

At any time, any work, any situation we should belief our self, This can be built based on your concentration in the work, while doing work with concentration the error and mistakes can be minimized and it will help to improve your quality of work. While doing always work with good quality will lead good confidence you and others also. While improving your quality your mind always belief your work and you and increase your confidence level.




All the above discussed above are basic factors to improve the self confidence level, confidence level only decide our all the activities and success. An impossible task can be possible when our confidence level is high, but an easy task will be very critical when the confidence level is low. So have a good confidence level and try to  improve the same.


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