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Say this to yourself everyday

on 03 May 2021


How often do you feel demotivated during these unprecedented times where the COVID-19 cases are increasing rapidly with each passing second? Given below are some statements that you must tell yourself everyday, in order to stay motivated and dedicated towards your goals.

You are a Rank holder.

You should follow one course until you are successful.

Don't think of Job or practice just focus on clearing the CA Exam.

Wake up early in the morning at 4 am and study with full focus.

I need to clear this exam anyhow no matter what.

Don't ever waste your time because it is the most important thing in life as it never comes back. Use it now carefully otherwise time will waste you.

This is an opportunity of lifetime don't waste it.

It's a chance given by god to fulfil my dream.

Don't care about who is calling what happening around you just and

Only just focus on my exam and few days left.

Ignore every other thing in life I need to clear this exam anyhow no matter what.

Say this to yourself everyday

How bad I want to be a chartered accountant.

I have to and have to study and work harder and smarter.

I have to make my dreams make it come true and I have to and have to do this over and over again and again with a lots of practice and practice and each and every day and day by day.

I have to struggle this few months, few days

To make my future of 30-40 years from now and people will respect me and my parents will be very proud of me. I need to clear this exam anyhow no matter what

I will not give up never give up ever and keep trying and keep trying until I began CA and for that I need to study for more than 10 hours a day and few months before exams 15 hours.

I will give no excuses and no reasons.

I am not a victim of circumstances. Let the situation be hard and unfavourable I will give my very best

100% and not less even a 1% I will try my best give my best.

I am stuck in this garbage of failure for years I need to get out of this anyhow no matter what.

My friends of my age enjoying their life to the fullest and what I am doing is try to clear this stupid exam for attempts after attempts. I am shameful of myself.


I am jealous why I can't I do this or enjoy this life.

My close friends make fun of me because I am not able to clear my exams.

I need to clear this exam anyhow no matter what.

  • What do you want to do? CA
  • Who will you be? CA
  • What is most important for you? CA
  • You can do anything after becoming? CA
  • You get lots of money after CA lots of respect after becoming CA a luxurious life after becoming CA
  • What you have to do? CA
  • Study for CA think of CA dream of CA and feel the sense of being CA
  • Sleep late or don't sleep to pass CA
  • Take the pain to pass the exam
  • Sacrifice all the things just to become CA
  • Work Hard for CA
  • Everything after CA
  • Job after CA
  • You have to and have to become CA
  • Only CA
  • Anything after CA
  • If you want car, money, anything then study for CA
  • Study for CA study for CA study for CA
  • You have to study to become CA.
  • Only focus with CA studies.
  • Don't get distracted by unnecessary things.
  • CA is the only way to success.

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