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Dear CPT Aspirants,

Please find below few suggestions to deal with your CA-CPT Examinations. As per my opinion it is very important to lay stress on the study material provided by the Institute. Further it is also advisbale to get in touch with students who had recently passed CPT examination for some valuable examinations tips.  I am very hopeful that recently passed CPT student can guide you in much better manner. You should take some guidance from them.

It is also advisable to use CPT Model test papers for practice purpose. You may also purchase book of sample papers sold by ICAI. However for good result practice those test papers with examination conditions. Never waste your time and have a discussion with your friends regarding a specific topic for a better grip. For CPT notes use search facility of CAclub.

Please find below some general tips for you, which was helpful to you for the preparation of CPT Exam. I am sure the same would be very useful for preparation. So go for it:

1. When you get question paper in the examination hall, read all the instructions carefully. Always read the question carefully before attempting it and do focus on the words like “NOT”, “None of These”, “All of Above”.

2. Attempt the easiest questions first. This way, you can increase your confidence level. If you are not sure about the answer, always go for elimination method. In this method, try to eliminate those answers that can’t be answers ever.

3. For solving the question, try to recall the assignments, formulas, lectures. This way, you can easily solve the question.   Nevertheless, if you don’t know the answer, never attempt it as there is negative marking too. Go for a scanner for all subjects (suchitra prakashan is the best). With the help of scanner you will get a fair idea of importance of each chapter in the exams.

4. Let me tell you a basic funda for account paper. Before starting revision of any chapter of accounts, first study whole theory of that chapter and then try to solve one or two questions from examples. At the same time I would suggest you to practice maximum numerical questions.

5. Mercantile Law: As per my suggestion you should prepare mercantile law very well, because it was the only scoring subject after accounts. Pay special attention to Contract Act as the same is very important. I know you may find this subject a bit bore but you have to handle this well.

As per the Strategy try to solve mercantile law paper first in Examination, So that you’ll be able to get more time to solve account questions. Try to grab the concept because many questions in the exam won’t be directly from the book. You will have to apply your mind and only you’ll be able to answer correctly. So go for conceptual study.

6. Economics: In Economics paper I would suggest you to first complete Macro Economics then go for micro economics. You can consider Macro Economics as scoring topic. Macro part is complete theory and you will have to learn it somehow. Do not think it is boring as this thinking won’t help you to much in exam. Do not forget to refer scanner for previously asked questions.

Further if you had studied economics well in 12th std you won’t have any problem in micro part. But remember it is conceptual and don’t try to apply ratta stratetagy. Just keep the concept clear and the answer will automatically come to your mind.

7. Maths and Statistics: If you are not from Math’s background, then please keep it in your mind that you have to get passing marks. Further if you have a good base of 11th nd 12th std then I am sure yiu’ll be able to handle CPT Accounts well. As per my opinion just stick to the basics because most questions come from the most simple points which sometimes we ignore.

Do not think that you wont be able to solve this math and statistics part. Many students tend to leave these 50 marks totally as they think that they won’t be able to solve it from the initial stage. In Maths nd Statistics one can easily fetch 20-30 marks as many topics are very easy to handle with basic knowledge of 10th level maths. One can leave the complex things like calculus and series if you are not good at maths. So go for it. Please note in Quantitative Aptitude, Differentiation and integration, Correlation and regression and theoretical distribution is important one.

8.  Last but not the least you have to work very hard in studies, because there are no Short cuts for Success. But you can do your work Systematically, Which will help you to go to the path of Success. Always give some time for reviewing the whole paper.

Achieving success in CA CPT Exam is an art and there is no shortcut for success. Hard work and well preparation are the keys to success. There are some valuable tips for you that will help you to ace the exam with flying colors.


It is a fact that in CPT multiple option questions are asked and many students focus on solving more and more multiple choice questions and ignore the subjective questions which are lengthy and they think it’s of no use in CPT exams. But by this method you will be able to clear CPT somehow but you won’t succeed at IPCC of FINAL level. rEason being because CPT is the base and if you don’t have a strong base you can’t build a strong building. What say friends??

So try to solve as many subjective questions as possible because students tend to lose habit of writing long answers and solving lengthy questions if they focus just on multiple options. I hope this write up would be of some help in your exam preparation.


CS Ankur Garg

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