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Reasons why i failed-my analysis

Member (Account Deleted) Guest , 16 February 2011  

Surprisingly I got a big scolding from my dad today and not on the result day for failing in PCC Group 2.after having long discussions, arguments and crying .I am back to writing my third article and yes I patched up with my dad in just 5 minutes with a hug and a kiss (thats called Dad and daughter bonding).


Now coming back to the topic Why I failed ?? an analysisI must say it really hurts writing about my failure but I really wanted to share with u all ,the mistakes I made that u can truly avoid.

Firstly would like to mention the marks I got


Cost/fm- 41 Taxation- 46   it/sm-50= fail


So here are my mistakes:-


1)  lack of seriousness- I cleared PCC Group 1 in may ,I started studying for group group 2 only after group 1 results (ya its quite weird ,usse pehle I was daydreaming).If  u r not serious about what you are doing things will only become difficult for you..I really wasted a lot of time bringing back my seriousness.I really had to make up my mind to take CA seriously .(actually there is a story behind thisif you want to know read my first article).Once your life is derailed it takes time to bring it back on trackyou just need to make efforts in the right direction but ya its possible to bounce back againif you work hard.


2) Lack of focus- My best friend told me priyam you lack focus but I didnt listen but yes now I realize that my friend was right. Its very easy for your mind to wander and lose focus control your mind and focus on your studies and your goals.Always remember the books u have kept on your study table  has to be completely read by you its very important to do regular studiesI did self study and my negligence drowned me kal padh loongithe habit of shifting today's work to tomorrow can prove deadly .how many hours you get to study ,how many hours you study is a personal thing but the main thing is that you study everyday.


3)Lack of planning- CA is all about planning ,you have to plan from the beginning .plan your studies ,your attempts make strategies and constantly review your plans .Earlier I didnt use to accept the fact whenever someone used to tell me about planning I used to run away from that person .but now I have realized that its very important to plan your studies its not wise to be a rolling stoneor a ship without a radar specially when you are a ca student. actually its truly in your own hands tum kitne jaldi CA complete karte ho it depends on your plans and how well you implement your plans .there has to be a deep desire an urge to succeed and learn..



4)If you dont study you cant pass studies and passing have direct correlation in CAyou have to work hard and there is no shortcut of course you can do smart studies and all, make your own strategies and plans, cover up your your strength but padhna toh padega hi..whether you do self study or take coaching the thing is that u have to cover the syllabus ,scorewell and pass CA .I did self study because I have coaching phobia(I have no reason to explain why ) and I want to continue with the same in future too(self-study) but I think my parents will throw me out if I dont join coaching in Finallets see what happens.


5) Dont  get distracted midway- Its very easy to lose enthusiasm midway and become lazywhich can prove deadly for your studies and your career. the best way to deal with it is to set a target (small, achievable) for each daythis way u will know in advance what all tasks u need to complete on a particular day. one more thing I want to add here is that dont start comparing yourself with others and get distracted u have your own life ,u r an individual with your own dreams /aspirations ,ability and no one knows you better than you yourself do your dreams are your own and whats  important for you , you know best so keep learning and improving.


6) dont leave any portion uncovered- cover each and every part atleast oncedont leave any topic untouched so that you can atleast attempt all questions in exameven if you hate a particular topic you still have to cover it now and dont leave it to be covered on the exam day because the chances are there that you will leave that portion uncovered.


7)overcome your weakness- Identify your weakness, areas where you need to improve .find ways to overcome your weaknesssee the examination pattern (but dont expect ki is baar bhi same pattern ayega) read the examiners comments(what the examiner expects)and do an analysis where u fall short every subject needs to be tackled in a different way ..use ur strengths to overcome your weaknesslearn from your mistakes and improve.


8)Accuracy and speed it feels very bad to say that I was damn slow in costing /fm .if I wud have attempted the paper completely things would have been different for me(ya result ke baad if /but starts emerging ,ya you can call it my excuse J. Scoring well/marks are very important .i think cost/fm are very scoring subjects and I really have to improve a lot..


9) understanding concepts and practicing  are both different things cost/fm are application based subjects only knowing the concepts wouldnt be enoughif u know the concepts u will be able to solve the problem thats very true. but if you haven't practiced  u will waste a lot of time applying those concepts and time is very limited in exam preparation was not upto the mark whatever time I studied I just managed to cover the concepts ,I got clarity but practice was lacking .it was like job hi padha tha exam se pehle ,exam mein jake I was practicing ate up a lot of time.In exam if you dont know the application partu will be in this kind of situation- isko aise solve karma tha ki doosre tarah se karma tha ??maine kya padha tha??? then you waste 5 minutes thinking about how to solve the problem.


10) Keep ur studies above everything else- I was very much disturbed during Sep/Oct.that's very crucial time for CA studentsand specially for me it was very important because I had started studying from august only(after result)due to my own personal problems I was not able to concentrate on my studies.

                 With time I have realized that a persons life is his/her own, dreams are his/her own and the person who has to make efforts is he/she only. Obviously problems dont give a warning and come ,but do take proper care of yourself during exam time. its very important to have a clear /positive mind and a healthy body (exam se pehle bimar mat pado).have a positive attitude and be optimistic.

                    Share your thoughts with your family ,your loved ones ,spend time with them ,enjoy but dont forget your studies .Pass/ fail is a matter of 6 months jitney jaldi samajh jao utna achcha for u.


Ya im sad but I have to look forward to may thing I have learnt so far is that CA is an interesting course if u r not will make u serious.



I will never give up.i will never quit and to be very true .im dying to be in CA Final..that's the burning desire I always longed for and I am glad I finally have it.



There is no other way to deal with your failure than to accept the fact that there is still room for improvement.


Life is all about learning so keep learning and Stay happy always.

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