Certification course on Balance Sheet Finalisation

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Now a days, its been a habit of the students to blame the ICAI and examiners when they taste failure for the IPCC/FINAL exams. I would like to tell you that, before blaming the said authorities, make a self assessment. Based on my experience as an examiner, I strongly say that out of 100 papers(just a sampling figure), only 3 or 4 papers are in par with the institute's evaluation standard. I know that its a shocking fact but its the reality. Students should atleast compare the suggested answers with the evaluated answer sheets(the hard copies of which you can obtain from ICAI by submitting an application) and should understand the extent to which your answer varies from the Institute's expectation.

Now, I would like to point out a number of reasons why students fail to reach the level of expectation of the Institute :

• Relying too much on reference books: Students only read reference books and often they are misguided regarding the quality of answers that has to be presented in the answer booklets.

• Ignoring Study material, RTP, practice manual, suggested answers, etc. results in the failure of a particular student. Always remember that as the name suggests, reference books are always meant for reference. Majority of students consider reference books as the sole medium of study. ICAI always expects the answers in a style which shows justice to the study material. You should first study the institute material thoroughly and then just read the reference books as a part of revision.

• Only a few reference books like Paduka, Surbhi Bansal, etc.(includes other standard reference books also) covers 100% of the portions of study material. These books are prepared to meet the examination requirements and are reliable(secondary.primary preference should be given to study material). You can attain a strong knowledge by reading the above reference books which will cater you in the examination.

• For IPCC Audit, study the institute material thoroughly and read the practice manual to understand the way of answering. Many students have a misconception that Auditing requires only reading. It's not true. Lessons like vouching, verification, special audit, standards on auditing, etc should be studied by-heart. Mere reading and understanding will not help you all the time(some may pass due to luck but many don't).

• Working notes should be strictly presented for Accounting, CA and FM, Advanced Accounting and taxation.

• For law paper, always quote the particular section of the ACT. If you can't recollect the section, just write "As per the provisions of _______ Act,". Quoting wrong section will cause irritation to the examiner and the whole answer will be considered wrong.

• For Information technology and management, just by-heart all the portions. Revise,Revise,Revise. It will help you to fetch 70+ marks.

[Guidance for Final students will be updated in another article]

Thank You.

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